Something to aim for


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I have to admit... I haven't been 100% on the plan this past week, and was actually putting off doing it properly until January. I was planning on focusing on having just three meals a day, and no snacks.

However today I got an invitation to a big awards ceremony that the company I work for does every year... and I mean big, it's for both divisions of the firm (they usually do two seperate ones). It's also where I used to live so I can meet up with a couple of friends... which obviously means I want to look my best!

And it's on Saturday 13th January, so I have just over 10 weeks - oh, and I have to get myself a nice evening dress. So I'm aiming to have lost another stone by then - and I should hopefully be down to size 14 then!! (I'm a 16/18 at the moment - mainly 16s).

It's definately helped me get focused! :)

Wish me luck!

Anyone else have anything they're aiming for!?