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In class today we discussed setting up a place that holds free food and nothing else.

So that when you want something you can just go to the place and know for sure that it is all free.

We also discussed having a low syn drawer/tub so that over the next few days you can stay in control and not be faced with everytime you open a drawer or cupboard mince pies or chocolate is in your face.

Just thought that was a fab idea also has helped me to sort through my cupboards and just see what is there ;)
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Great idea foxylox, I tend to struggle as soon as I get in from work, so hungry that I shake like Elvis. I could do with a free drawer in fridge or cupboard so that I can tuck into something immediately. Being prepared for the times when you are at your weakest will really help.

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I have this at work actually. :)
In my drawer i have mugshots and pasta n sauce sachets, can of coke zero, options hot choc sachets, alpen light cereal bars. I know the last 2 are synned but theyre low syns and really help me out. Also where i sit at work i have a fridge under my desk so in there i have yogurt, laughing cow light triangles, celery and cucumber sticks. :)


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I have made my entire house low syn, although my fiance isn't happy about it!! I make him keep treats in the boot of his car ;)