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Sonia's new diary a new start. Feeling (motivated)

Good luck sonia! You can do it:scale:


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Great stuff Son, but don't forget about all the good work you've already done!

Perhaps you can have a Plan A ticker and your new Plan B ticker, you should be proud of what you have already lost and shout it from the rooftops (ticker prob more practical).

Go get 'em girl xxx
Good idea sweets and I like that you've kept your other ticker there as a reminder of all of the hard work you've done so so far. Good luck and as always we're all here for you xxx


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Good idea sweets and I like that you've kept your other ticker there as a reminder of all of the hard work you've done so so far. Good luck and as always we're all here for you xxx
Thanks hun yeah I needed to make a fresh start. But I must admit it was Louise24 who gave me the idea to put the ticker on with the weight I lost so far thanks Louise:D
Yer I saw she'd said that to you - not just a pretty face ey Lou x


rainbows holiday buddy :)
hi sonia - you can do this with your eyes shut and you know you can. you just have to be in that frame of mind where nothing is going to get in your way..and it sounds like you're there!

i know i struggle long term, but i have spoken with my consultant who said she will keep a close eye on me if i start to maintain or put on, as she knows this is when i will be "sod it!" and start eating crap again.

you need to think about how much you have lost since you started and ignore your recent struggles - it's just a blip in your over all weight loss. be proud of what you have achieved. think about what weight you may have put on if you hadn't decided to do something about it in the first place. as time passes it's hard to think back about how crap you felt about the weight you were when you first started, but try...and be happy about the amount of dress sizes you've dropped and all the health benefits you've gained, etc.

good luck - post your food diary on here the night before, then let us know how brilliantly you've stuck to it ;)


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Aww have you missed me :). Sorry I have had loads on I kept meaning to pop on but kept getting side tracked. Diet wise I am doing ok not 100% but ok I am leaving that till I gt back of my jollies. Ohh I am so giddy about my jollies everyone keeps telling me to shut up. Roll on the 31st.

Hope you all ok.


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Hiya ladies well despite my extremely busy week this week hence me not being about much I have managed to maintain which I am ok with at least its not putting on. I want to try to maintain or lose next week and the week after because I go on holiday on May 31st. Hope your all doing ok. I will try to make some minimins time tonight to catch up with everyone and oh so many new people to welcome.:D

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
you going on holliberries Son? would never have guessed, how come you havent mentioned it ha ha

keep it up and dont use your hooliday as an excuse to' leave it' or let yourself slip thinking you will start again after you come back. keep up your maintains and remember to be proud of yourself as we are proud of you


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Thanks for all your replies ladies your all fab. Sorry I have not been about much I have been really busy and also I came to this conclusion in my head that when I am doing good on the diet I tend to come on here all the time and hand out hopefully helpful advice. When I do rubbish I go all quiet on here because I feel like if I am giving out advice when I am doing rubbish myself then who am I to give out advice, hope that makes sense.

Hope you are all doing good :gen126:

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