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Soon to be Newbie


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Hiya everyone

Will be ordering my first bumper pack tomorrow so starting on Weds. I've was doing SW off and on but just cant seem to stick to it so I'm going to try Exante for a change. This is not my first VLCD so I know what I letting myself in for.

Xmas is coming up and I want to shift 2 stones by then. Wondered if I should go for the mix pack or the milkshake pack.

I will start off with the working Solution first or is it best to start with total solution. Any advice or tips is appreciated.

Thanx in advance
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TBH I would go for the week pack first then choose! There seems to be such a range in who likes what and only you can decide! And for a week it seems okay but if you buy a month then hate it!

Good luck on your journey, I think most people on VLCD try everything but no this works lol!


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Thanx Berryred. You're so right. Will do that instead..lol. Can't wait to start. Started stocking up on my water supplies. The only thing I'm worry about is the bad breathe..lol
Hi Tanari,

I know everyone's different, but I must admit I find having no food at all easier than having some, so Total Solution is right for me.

I think Berryred's advice is good: it might be worth trying a week's worth to see what you like best. I jumped straight in with a bumper mixed box because I've got so much to lose, I can't afford to be fussy! To be honest, I haven't had any problems at all, although I do have my favourite shakes and soups.

Good luck whatever you decide. :)


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Thanx Sandy and GFG. I've tried CD soups and hated them, tried W8 soup, some of them I like but tend to stick to the shakes. Will get the weeks worth..you never know I might enjoy Exante soups. Everyone is doing so well, hope I'll be as successful.

Thanx for the advice. Will keep u updated of my progress once I've started. Good luck for the week ahead.


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I'm on TS. I find it great not to have to worry about food for the time being (other than for the rest of the family). I have had a few slip ups along the way and the occasional day where I have had a boiled egg or slice of cheese but on the whole TS has really suited me.

I tend to have 1shake, 1bar and 1soup a day.the bars are great for when you are on the go and I tend to have my soup when the rest of the family are eating dinner-it's almost like I am "eating" with them.

Everyone seems to have different tastes when it comes to the packs though. Also, as quite afew people have observed your tastes seem to change once you have been going for a little while-things you didn't lime suddenly become ok.

Anyway all the best whatever you decide on
Thanx TCM... getting my packs hopefully tomorrow before I leave in the morning. If not I have CD shakes left so mwill just use those until I get my delivery. I was going to do working solution first but I'm going try TS and see how I get on. Hope ur having a lovely week.

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