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Soon to be skinny minnie....diary!

Eeeekkk today is my first day on CD, and first day on here! tried slimming world, weight watchers, rosemary conely all worked for a little while until I decided a treat wouldn't hurt! Hoping to be 100% ss on this!

Want to loose 2st 7lbs and to generally just feel happier and sexier within myself!! oh and to look hot in a bikini in Turkey in sept!:cross:
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Heya hun wish u all the best with the diet i am sure u will b fine in doin it....:D...i am pretty much the same as u and i wnt to lose weight pretty much for the sme reasons as u lol....will b readin ur diary and keepin up with your weight loss journey :)....
hi, hope ur first day has gone ok? its not easy as im sure uv found out, but wish you luck in CD dieting! x
hey, not gone too badly, have a headache coming on, think I need to down some more water! have 1 shake/soup left to take later so hopefully that'll take the edge off it! supposed to be doing a back to back shift tomorrow at work, so 12hours but swapped one, don't think I could cope with that on the 2nd day! xx
if u feel a headache make sure u take ur tablets and dont suffer, but def keep going with the water, well done!
day 2....

Feel good today, which is confused as I thought I was going to feel absolutely awful! I'm sure as the day carries on I will go down hill, just have a black coffee, doesn't anyone know if mellow birds is okay? Its the only coffee I can drink! Got my tablets incase the headache creeps back! Thinking writing this diary everyday is really going to help keep me on track! xx

Had the apple porridge last night, forced it down, not nearly as bad as the mint chocolate shake, that was foul!
is it the apple n cinnamon porridge u tried? is it orite..? im gna try that nx week nva ad porridges frm cd b4 in fact dnt reli av porridge that much at all....:/ lol bt thrt wud giv it a go....dnt u lyk the choc mint..? its ok after abit, try it with warm water mke it into a hot drink mite b better :)
It wasn't gorgeous or anything but definately edible, found it quite filling actually! Got some soups to try aswell! I had it hot but it had lots of little lumps in it that I couldn't get out so that might be why, i'm going to try it cold to see if it's any better! xx
um naah i wudnt recommend u to av it cold it dnt taste much bettter lool..tho u cud giv it a go evry1 is diff i guess lol...yh i cudnt get the lumps out eitha so that mite av sumat to do with the fact that i dint use a whisk coz dint av one :$ lol bt wasnt too bad i ad it cold i aint tried it hot as yet so will giv it a go later on 2nite...nt sure bt da soups nt tried them eitha....yh mite give porridge a go for lyk eitha int he mnrings or evenings or sumat wher i get mre tym to mke it or sumat...see hw it goes tho i do get filled up reli quickly these days lol...iv realised....:D
i managed 1 mouthful of the cinamonporidge, was awful!! apparently u can put sweetner with them so may try a original one with it at some point lol its a case of finding what u like and sticking with it lol not easy tho!
iv tried the apple n cinnamon one its nt great bt yh lyk u sed its aite n edible lol..i js tried to eat it as quickly as i cud n i was also thinkin that it mite elp ma tonsilitos abit which i tink av cumin on coz im findin it bit hard to swallow on the rite syd....lol...ima stik to it other then 2mo...hw are u findin it hun?
wen is ur weigh in day?
day 4....

I had the original one yesterday and that was just as foul! I only like 5shakes at the moment, butterscotch, the coffee one, vanilla, banana and chocolate! My cdc rang me yesterday so that was nice, doing okay, not hungry but really struggling to eat all the shakes/soups! I think i'm so filled up on water I cant force anything down! Need to get some of then sticks to find out if i'm in ketosis and I hope I am by now!

My weigh in day is friday! fingers crossed it'll be a good one! xx
i think the soupss are disgusting! i started only 2 days ago so only a couple of days behind you! im finding it ok...feeling a bit crappy today though, dont want to get out of bed. i find the porridge ok? or is that just me lol x


Mad as a Hatter
Don't worry about the stix... as long as you are being 100% on plan then you will get into ketosis... you need to make sure that you are drinking enough water as well...

Good luck for your WI

hey hun hw did the w.i go?? mke sure u let us kno ima sure u dun great!! :D


Mad as a Hatter
Good morning

Just checking in on you - I am on holiday from today for the next 9 days so will not be around for a bit..

Hope you will have paid a visit by the time I get back



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