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Soon to be Slim Sharrie's food diary

I think posting a food diary on here everyday rather than just doing a general diary will be better for me, so here goes:


Mullerlite yoghurt, tangerine & banana

Jacket Potato, baked beans and 3 babybel light melted on top.
toffee muller

I also have mugshots, noodles and more fruit just in case...

homemade beefburgers, SW chips and baked beans

I am going to try not to use hardly any syns for today as had a meal out yesterday and Wednesday, so trying to limit the damage.

Healthy Extras:
HEA: Babybels
HEB: ? might have a wholemeal roll
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Mel it was so nice I had it again tonight:D

Saturday: extra easy

Breakfast/brunch: 2 wholemeal toast, 2 eggs & bacon

Tea: SW burger topped with tomato, red onion & 1oz cheese in wholemeal roll with SW chips and sweet potato chips, egg & beans. dessert: banana & custard mullerlite (partially frozen) with raspberries & sliced banana

Drinks: decaff black coffee & pepsi max

Hea: 1oz cheese
Heb: wholemeal roll

Syns: 2 slices nimble wholemeal bread?
Sunday: extra easy

Breakfast/brunch: omelette with mushrooms, tomato, red onion & 3 babybel lite. Tangerine.

Tea: Roast chicken with roast sweet potatoes, parsnips, SW roast potatoes, carrots, cauli & sprouts, gravy & yorkshire pud. raspberries, sliced banana & partially frozen mullerlite. 1 Alpen lite.

Drinks: tea, decaff coffee (mainly black) & pepsi max

HEA skimmed milk & alpen light
HEB 3 x babybel lite

Syns: yorkshire pud & gravy: 6 syns

I am going to try and drink more water from now on although forever running to the loo as it is!

Hope everybody had a good weekend:)
Arghh! can't sleep so may as well post my food diary for Monday..

Monday extra easy

breakfast - banana and mugshot

lunch - jacket potato and cottage cheese and pineapple, banana, 3 tangerines, apple and muller yog

tea - spaghetti bolognaise using lean mince, mushrooms, garlic and using Lloyd Grosman tomato and basil sauce - anybody know how many syns for a jar?

raspberries and yoghurt.
1 litre water

hea 1oz cheese
heb ?

syns: sauce

1st weigh in at 8am :eek:
Starting weight 14 stone 2 1/2 lb
First weigh in 14 stone: 2 1/2 lb loss

I am quite pleased but I made a bit of an error when I first recorded my weight, I weighed myself in the bathroom which has cushiony lino - came to weigh myself this morning and my weight changed everytime I stepped on the scales doh, it read anything from 13 stone 9 to 14 stone 1! :mad:

Therefore weighed myself in the utility which has a tiled floor and it says 14 stone exactly so will go from there!

So not too sure how much I have lost but will stick to 2 1/2 lb - I know I have lost weight, I can feel it so doesn't matter too much :D

Tuesday: Extra Easy

Breakfast: banana, tangerine, apple

Lunch: jacket potato with cottage cheese & pineapple with sliced banana. Mullerlite, tangerines and apple

Tea: casserole steak in slow cooker with oxo cube stock, mashed potato, peas, sweetcorn and any other veg I can find.

Drinks: Tea, coffee, pepsi max and hopefully water


Syns: ?

Will update later!

I definately feel much brighter since last week, feel like I am doing something positive - hopefully I can keep this up :D

Please can somebody look at my food diaries and just check that I am on the right lines... Many thanks:eek:
Well what a week! Since last Tuesday I have been off work poorly with a nasty viral infection :( so SW has gone completely out of the window :sigh: as have not been eating very much but downing lots of cough medicine and orange juice!

Almost back in the land of the living now so will get back on track... weighed myself this morning and back to 14 stone 21/2 :cry: nevermind, will get back on track tomorrow.
Well after being poorly it has taken me a week to get myself back on track :mad:
Weigh in today 14 stone so seem to have not put any on some how :D

Back on the plan as of today. EE Day

Breakfast: fat free yoghurt
Lunch: jacket potato, low fat cottage cheese with pineapple and sliced banana
fat free yoghurt
Tea: homemade SW shephards pie using coleman's shephards pie flavour mix thingy with low fat cheese on top with veg

Hea: 1 1/2 oz low fat cheese

Snacks: fruit and maybe options hot chocolate

will update syns tomorrow.

Have a good day everybody, it's good to be back:D
Syn help please

Update on yesterday (Tues 24/11)

didnt have the options hot chocolate - too full after tea.
Made the shepards pie using the colemans shepards pie mix - can anybody tell me how many syns this would have been? Added 3 oz of low fat cheese for on top of the mash. Shephards pie was shared with 5 people.

I also used some syns up for milk in tea and coffee, although have them quite strong so probably not too much.

Need to be a bit more accurate with my syns...

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