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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by oliviasmummy, 21 November 2008 Social URL.

  1. oliviasmummy

    oliviasmummy Full Member

    well went to WI last night and i have lost 6lbs this week which takes me to 4stone in 11weeks so happy. im a week behind my group so only doing foundation for 13weeks but we are all going into developers as we want to lose more to achieve goals anyway the group had their pics done last nite cos there is only 4of us left llc managed to get them printed off whilst we watched the dvd when i saw my pics i cried i couldnt believe the differencem i think my hubby was more shocked when i got home he said he never thought i was that big before!! hoping to scan them onto laptop later to show you all sooooo pleased keep up the good work everyone for those who havent had their pics back yet you will not believe it
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  3. annaphylactic

    annaphylactic Guess who's back...?

    WOW!!! You are going great guns! Fantastic!! Keep it up and you will be at your goal in no time at all! Brilliant!! xx
  4. Polly740

    Polly740 Full Member

    Well done - that's amazin' :D

    I get my pictures next week...although I can't say that I'm looking forward to it. I think my brain still needs to catch up!

  5. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    awh im soo delighted for ya hunni and cant wait ta see the pics xxx
  6. bekimo

    bekimo Fighting Demons....

    That's awesome honey! You're so right to be delighted with yourself. Bet before you started if someone told you that you could lose 4stone in 11 weeks you would have laughed in their face right!?

    Really happy for you hun. Keep up the good work!

    B x
  7. MandyLupton

    MandyLupton Gold Member

    OM, thats brilliant, well done
  8. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Well done! That is a fantastic acheivement!!! And tears are good! Happy tears make all the diffference in the world, ay?

    I am in week 7 of RTM - and STILL have not received my BEFORE pics from my LLC!!! lol She's fantastic at some things...and Bless her. Love her anyway. :)

    Keep rockin it!!!! You are doing fantastic!

  9. Preeti77

    Preeti77 Full Member

    WOW thats brilliant - well done
  10. Poppysparkle

    Poppysparkle Silver Member

    I'm jealous!! None of our group ever had photos taken and we are in week four. I should have got my husband to do one for me, but I didn't for some stupid reason. I've got some from the waist up sitting feeding the baby that are horrendous, but a full body shot one would have been good.

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I can't believe how effectively you can lose weight on LL! Your losses in the first few weeks are very similar to mine, so I'm hoping I can follow your lead!!

    Well done!
  11. bekimo

    bekimo Fighting Demons....

    Take one now!!

    At least you have one from four weeks in, then get another one done at the end. See what a difference 10 weeks can make!

    How naughty of your LLC though!!

    B x
  12. Poppysparkle

    Poppysparkle Silver Member

    Bekimo, we've never had our ketones checked either. I do like our counsellor, but she's had to go off sick for personal reasons and another one has taken over. They've merged groups that were over about five days into one night, and we had to toss a coin to see which time each group would have as they couldn't be mixed (Foundation, RTM and Management). It's been a bit chaotic, but at least things should look up now on the counselling side. For the last few weeks we couldn't even order what we wanted as she didn't have stock of loads of stuff either. We are now going to preorder each week with the new LLC so that they can ensure we have everything we want.

    I might ask her on Monday for a pic to be taken of everyone.
  13. oliviasmummy

    oliviasmummy Full Member

    poppy sparkly its a shame you didnt have your pics done but i have a pic of me and my daughter when she was about 6weeks old is 6months now and i can tell just from that picture to the one i have now so use that and take one at the end keep going drink the water ni think it really helps i have felt a bit apprehensive last few weeks about eating again but read an article in ll mag about rtm and it looks great gpoing to stay abstinent though want to lose another 2stone i think but im just taking each week as it comes mite feel differently after 1stone more.
  14. Poppysparkle

    Poppysparkle Silver Member

    Your little one is around the same age as mine. I look monstrous in the pics as I'm so wide!! I hate having photos taken and they are very few and far between! I might get OH to take one tonight before I go out, as I'm getting dressed up with my make up on, so I mightn't be so shy!!

    You should be really proud of yourself. You sound like me and there's no way that anything is going in my mouth not on plan!! I'm also nervous about RTM, but I have a few people in work that have done it and maintained, so I feel a bit more confident knowing that they can do it.
  15. lite at end of tunnel

    lite at end of tunnel Full Member

    Thats a great loss, but looking at ya stats theyve all bn good,keep going x x x:D :D :D
  16. lite at end of tunnel

    lite at end of tunnel Full Member

    :cry:i ant ad any photos dne or ketones with llc,dnt no if its cus he's a bloke?????However my fella did take sum b4 piccys but i look so bad :censored:i avent put them on ere,may do wen i achieve my goal.Wont b so bothered then dont think lol:8855::8855:
  17. oliviasmummy

    oliviasmummy Full Member

    poppysparkle- olivia was born 10th may i have one pic with her other than the one taken of us when she was just born but i didnt exactly care then we are gonna have a family photoshoot done when i get to goal i think
  18. bekimo

    bekimo Fighting Demons....

    Isn't checking keytones something they HAVE to do?

    They are very bad for not doing this or taking photos, as for merging groups, if it's after week 3 they are not supposed to do this either!

    B x
  19. Poppysparkle

    Poppysparkle Silver Member

    I know Bekimo, but our stand in LLC told us that early in the New Year, things are changing and there is going to be a rolling programme on Foundation, when people can join at any time. So much for the closed groups, seems that is a thing of the past from early next year!!

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