Sooo hungry!!


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I've had my 3 meals today but I am so hungry. Thought I'd come on here to try and distract myself away from food.

any good tips on how to curb the cravings?
Water water water... thats all I have found

Or busying yourself... do something that you would normally do where u wouldnt eat... ie have a nice bath! I would never eat in the bath! Or go out... to the cinema?? or bowling??

Not easy when u have kids tho!
Hope it gets a little easier for you

I went to bed starving last night
I've already had a bath and been out with the kids (had to go shopping for food though :( ) but they misbehaved so I cant take them out anywhere nice now cos they will think they can misbehave and get treats anyway. They're all sitting here with me eating and it's driving me mad. They just HAVE to be touching me I can't stand it!!
Try getting the vegetable bullion. You're allowed one a day, and it's like a thin soup. A bit like an oxo cube drink. Even nicer is a cup of marigold bullion, mine is from holland and barrett. It's lovely, but i would definately limit to one a day as it is rather salty and it may affect ketosis if you have any more. Oh and you cant have it until week 3 (officially).
Hi Kati,was just thinking u should not be hungry as u should be well into ketosis,are you ssing or doing one of the other cd plans.
Usually if your are ssing the phyisiscal signs of hunger gradually dissapear by the end of the first week.
I am on day 2 and i have only started feeling a bit hungry the last hour or so but have only had one tetra that is most prob why.
Are u drinking enough water.
Take care xx
Hang on in there Kati,
I 'gave in' earlier and am feeling awful-disappointed and bloated -trust me, it's not worth giving into. Have a hot drink or two-see how you feel after that. Wish I was as strong as you.
Kati just found Divas instructions to make the jelly :

CD Jelly!

Add a teaspoon of either Summer Berry or Sunshine Orange water flavouring to half a litre of water along with a few drops of red food colouring. Add about 1.5 to 2 scoops of mix a mousse. Blend in blender(PUT LID ON!!) Once set you will have a mousse type froth on top but that is completely normal and lovely!!

P.S Remember, you can't have jelly & a mousse on the same day as you are only allowed one scoop of Mix-a-Mousse per day.

Let it set overnight. Happy jelly eating
Thanks for that. I am doing ss and I think it is probably more of a psychological thing really than actual hunger. Since I went food shopping today, thas the day I would normally end up stuffin myself because there's loads there to chose from.

I've had at least a litre of water since i wrote that first post so not feeling so bad now, I wish I'd saved ome of my packs for later though.

I haven't had any of the water flavouings or mix a mousse stuff so cant make any jelly. My cdc has never even menioned that they exist, or the tetras either
Kati,can u not go and see your cdc to get some water flavourings and mix a mousse, tetras are pre made cartons which are very usefull to carry around with u incase u stay out longer than planned and cant get to make a shake.

If things get very bad later on then if u have an extra pack it is always better than eating.
Hope things ease up for u later,we can do this,it does get easier,just come online and chat to us till u r ready to go to bed,there is always some one around to chat 2.
Take care xx
Thanks, my cdc is on holiday so can't go and see her for at least a week. I think I'll be ok once the kids go to bed but don't think I'd have made it this far if I hadn't found this site to come and distract myself on and get lots of lovely tips and everything :)
Hi babe,
Hang on in there babe you can do it.
Know its a bit late for today but have you tried splitting you packs in 2 so you can have 6 meals.
I find a not grink more filling then a cold on at times,
Mind over matter iexpect but it works for me.
Just keep on drinking,and as has already been said if it is really bad an extra shake hot if poss is better then food or just try half a pack.
Hope you feel better soon,You are doing so well
Sending positive vibes and hugs xx
i have been splitting my packs for the last few days so maybe i'm feeling hungry because i didn't do it today?

you're right about the hot drinks being better though. I think I need to have everything hot