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sooo ill.............

I had the mother of all migraines yesterday, god only knows how I did the school run, but as soon as I got home I went to bed, the pain was so bad and I felt very dizzy, muzzy head and very sicky, with a searing pain through my whole head, neck eyes , ears everywhere really, my daughter was getting really worried and wanted to take me to hospital!! must admit I got scared and thought it may have been something alot more serious, my hubbie went down the drs and got me some really stong migraine tablets and feed me 2 slices of toast and butter ( it tasted absolutly gorgeous, even though I was dying) I went on later in the evening to have another 3 slices (just to help the tablets work) and I thought I'd definatly come off of cd today and switch to sw, thought my body needed more food to keep it going.
But I got up this morning, still very shaky and fragile-but no pain, thank god. And I thought I'd just do a wee test and OMG I'm still in ketosis !!!!!! cant belive it after 5 slices of toast and butter !!!!!! and my weight was still the same !! so I'm still doing cd, well I couldnt give up if i'm still in ketosis could I. ON WARDS AND DOWNWARDS. If it happens again then I will switch, but for now lets keep going... XX:D:D:D
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Jees susie, 5slices of toast and butter and still in ketosis!!! Thats crazy. The tabs must of helped. Glad to see your not coming of cd.

becky xx
Severe headaches or migraines normally happen only in the first few days unless you let yourself get severely dehydrated.

It was quite muggy yesterday and this can also trigger headaches. Do you normally suffer from Migraines or is this the first time?

As it is now gone it might be worth popping down to the GP to be checked over. Normal advice on side effects is wait 48 hours then refer to GP - again this is normally within first few days.

It may be wise to follow one of the higher programmes for a day or so.

Please contact your CDC and let her know you have been unwell.

Just checked your BMI it is time to start introducing food your body may be telling you this.
Thank you, I was wondering that and I do feel like I'm ready to start eating, my cdc did say she was going to talk to me on saturday about going up to 810, and I feel hungry now, the 1st time since starting cd.
I'll send her an e-mail now, thanks for the advice xx
Oh ok thank you, I'm still trying to work it all out, So I can have chicken and 2 tablespoons of green veg??? Is that a heaped tablespoon or an egg cup full?? Dont want to eat too much or too little???
Its all in your pink and blue ss booklet. Choose one protein option and have 2 tablespoons of green from allowed list.

Next week move to 810 this is a bigger protein option, 3 tablespoons of green and 12 fl oz skimmed milk (must be skimmed not semi-skimmed)

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