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soooo confused

Hi everyone

Someone kindly sent me some info on sw and I think I have everything I need to know, but I am finding it soooo confusing, I have done ww in the past and also the unit diet more recently, but I am thinking I would be better with something like this, as still feel hungry sometimes.
Has anyone got a way of explaining this that will make sense to me.


ps sorry I cant afford the online/classes at the mo, so thought I would trial it and see if its for me

any help appreciated
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what exactly do you want to know?
This diet is confusing if you are used to doing WW. I have done WW for ages and it took me a good 2 weeks to really get my head around this, but I have to say I am never hungry and if I do get hungry, even in between meals, I can have mullerlight yoghurts, fruit, veggies and anything else on the free lists! Fab!

I will give you the very basics, you can do original days (basically protein high days, carb lower days), or green days (lower protein but higher carbs). On both days veggies and fruit are free as are mullerlights, and then depending on what day you are doing depends on the other free things you get (look through the books you have for those). On each day you are to have 1 or 2 healthy exchange A's and 2 HE B's. HE A's are for calcium, so things like milk, soya, etc. HE B's I believe are for fibre. So things like ryvitas etc (again, see your book for the bigger list) but also on HE B is a tablespoon of olive oil.

You can also choose which plan to follow by meal so within one day you can do original, green, green, or however you prefer. I find with myself at least, that I do well with alternating days, so I do a green day then an original then a green, etc, but you will find what works for you.

Frylight and bovril are free, but stock cubes are not, so def look at your list so you don't slip up as that was something I really had to study, even made myself a spreadsheet to take to work to keep handy (yes I am SOOO sad!) :)

Hope that helps initially. Another good resource is another message board I found that also lists quite a few recipes, check it out when you get a chance http://messageboards.ivillage.co.uk/iv-ukdfslimming/

Hi Steph, ooh thats a great way of explaining it to me, I understand a little more now lol
Thanks Ruthy also
How much would you say you should lose each week, I like sw because the recipes look really interesting, but cant decide between ww and rc, arrgghhhh.
I am doing the unit online at the mo, but not really getting support that you get with the others, also tempted with lipotrim but scared of losing weight sooooo fast
I have tried the losing weight fast route, but never again. I know that slow and steady is always the best thing for me.

Most in my class lose on average about 2 lbs a week, some more some less. For me the best thing is that I can eat when I am hungry, and the free list is pretty good. On an original day you can eat and entire roast chicken (without the skin of course) if you are so inclined. Not that I would but at least I know I won't be starving like I have been on WW. You know the drill, you go out for lunch and get something relatively healthy only to come back and realise you have no more points left for the day and have to live off 0 pt soup and celery sticks! LOL

With SW you do need to plan more than ww, and with some foods 15 syns doesn't go very far, but on the whole I think it's easier than ww, and because there aren't points to count etc, you don't get as obsessed about it (well I don't at any rate). :)

Hi Steph
when I did ww I did feel hungry but then I think am I supposed to, lol
I am worried about starting the sw and eating loads and putting on, I suppose I am in the ww mindset
its just so confusing.
This morning I had a slice of crust with marmite and now realise I cant have this bread as normal white.
I think sw would make you eat really healthy, think I will try the rest of day, thought I would have something pasta. Think it will need a lot of prep though this diet
Hi Jammy, good luck on your journey! It's weird- I love SW and find it really easy to follow whereas my sister prefers the restrictions of the WW points system. At least give it a go and if you don't like it then you've always got WW to fall back on.

Have you got the book? During your first week you need to be constantly checking it to see what's free and what you're allowed as a Healthy Extra etc I also recommend writing everything down- your free food, your Healthy Extras and your Syns so you can see where you're going wrong (if you do)

Good luck!
I know what you mean, it is hard to think that you can eat loads of free stuff and not gain, but I have seen better results at my sw WI's than from WW WI's, and everyone around me at my meetings as well.

You are right, you do need to plan loads, and you need to cook more so that you don't get bored, but hey, if I can eat and not feel hungry I will stick with it. I am on hols as of the 5th - 15th going back home, so I will see how easy it is then! LOL

Hi Skinny, thanks hun, yeah some kind girl sent me an ebook type thing, so I have been looking at that.
I think some of the recipes look fab and really does look like a total way of life change, where as ww can be adapted to whatever you eat (not saying though this is that good)
Steph I am sure you will be fine, looks like it can be quite easy to do also when you are out. I also worry with ww that you can underpoint

Ooh got a reputation mark, can anyone tell me what this, hope I havent done anything wrong
oops silly fingers
I had a slice of toast (white bread) with marmite so I have counted as 3.5 sins
2 olives so I counted as 1 sin
pasta (small portion) with pesto so counted 4 sins

this is so far
how many sins do you have to have each day

sorry for being a pain lol, can I give you a point anywhere for helping me?


The Me Is Back.........
Hope things are going ok i was in the same postion as yourself 4 weeks ago, hd previously lost weight with cd but put it on again.

Im glad to say i have slowly got my head round it.

as other have said its just a case of not mixing protien with carbs, yesterday i had a green day so had pasta ina suce 6 syns as had half the day before jacket potato with laughing cow extra light tringles a heealty extra i normally have 2 weeta bix with milk which takes care of my other healty option a and healty option b.

Today is a red day so have had grilled bacon no fat in a sandwich with 2 slices of whole meal bread, later i will have a whole chicken muinus the fat and skin with some steamed veg and to keep me going fruit and muller light fruit yogurts (NOT LAYERS OR CORNERS)

Assuming my scales arnt lying have lost 12lb in a 4 weeks.

Hope this helps


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