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Soooo fed up!!!

Now I know I'm just being silly but my weigh in this morning has really got me down... I lost 3.2lbs which I should be ecstatic about... but I had my mind so set on losing at least 4lbs that its really thrown me deep into the blues!!! I know this diet has done me so well but I just want things to move faster... my clothes are baggier but I just don't seem to be moving down the sizes like others... i so wanted to be a 14 for Christmas but the way I'm going I'll be lucky to get in a 16!!!

Sorry to grumble... just had to get it off my chest... it was this or eat... so i thought you'd bear with me!!!

Jules xx
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omg - id be chuffed to bit if I were considering your track record so far.
i know we all expect 4lbs a week but it is your TOTM whihc as you know create water retention. i bet next week will be lovely suprise - mark my words


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Hi Im like you,I want to lose 4lbs a week,I have written in my diary every thurs what I would weigh if I lost that,last week I lost 3 and was a bit peed off,but,it really wont take that much longer if we did so Im not worrying its still almost another 2 stone by xmas if it did stick at that,so cant be bad!!
Well done hun 3.2lb is a great loss.

Mostly I lose 3lb a week but then every so often I will all of a sudden drop 5lb it all evens out over your journey hun, things change so quickly on cd you will be a size 14 before you know it.xx
Know how you feel. It can be a little frustrating at times, but you've really got to look at the bigger picture -- we are going down. Better than going up or staying the same. I'm in the same boat in that 3lbs seems to be the max I can lose in a week. I had a perfect dieting week and just hoped that it would be 4lbs but it was 3lbs again. But sit down and add up where you could be at 3lbs a week until Xmas. It really does mount up! Stick at it, you are doing great!
Thanks guys.... think its just the TOTM blues..... I feel so much better in myself that that should be enough in itself... but guess I'm greedy (habit I am trying to break!!!).

Thanks for all you support... I love this site.... my food addiction has become a minimins addiction!!

omg - i would kill to lose that a week!!!!
Glad you are feeling better about it all. It's funny how the hormones can really mess with your head sometimes. And that's a great addiction to have. I really think that the more you come on here the more likely you are to stay on the wagon.
embrace the 3 ,love the 3,be the 3 lol......i have look,it all mounts up
Hey, what's wrong with (just over!) 3 lbs loss in one week? Lose that every week and you'll easily be hitting the 1-stone-per-month average which is what you could reasonably expect to lose on CD.

When I did my CD journey I usually fluctuated between 2 - 4 lbs on an average week, but it all added up to getting to where I wanted to be - and in record time too! I did it, so can you! :D

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