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Soooo pleased with myself.

I promised myself that by today I would start an exercise regime, and I have. Yeah !!!!

I am doing step exercises and I am swimming. Have started both slowly but will increase the amount each day. I only did 20 steps and 12 lengths of the pool. It was enough for the first day and I am unfit.Tomorrow I will do 30 steps
and 18 lengths.
Hopefully without the shark.

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I only did 20 steps and 12 lengths of the pool.
There is no 'only' about it ... you DID it. Which is more than 99% of the country did, and more than you have done, so be proud of your achievement :)
you did more yesterday than you did the day before and plan on doing more today thats fantastic as louise says superfit by christmas! :) well done you keep up the good work

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Well done, keep it up at least you are exercising xx
The encouragement on here spurs me on. I am just home from work. I stand a market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my antiques. I am knackered........ absolutely knackered. The temps were in the low 90's, so exhausting.

I could have so easily have just had my cup of tea and my ryvitas and vegged out. After reading all your comments I am definitely about to jump in the pool and do a minimum of 18 lengths, more if I can and then my step exercises. No way could I let not just myself down now, but you as well.

Swam 18 lengths:)............

But only did 24 steps.:sigh:.............

Will try and do more tomorrow.

This will be my exercise diary, so bear with me !!!:rolleyes:
Day 3.

30 lengths.
30 steps !!!!

Even hotter today at the market, just off 100 degrees so the pool is no hardship.

Saturdays Market is in a Safari park and under the Eucalyptus trees. It is so pretty.It doesn't feel like working, more like a privilege to be there.
Cooling down in the pool must be fabulous. Carry on with the fantastic exercise.

No exercise yesterday. To stormy and wet to use the pool and too wrapped up in the new addition to do steps.

Starting anew today and will do

50 steps..............gawd help me.
and 35 lengths of the pool.


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Well done on introducing exercise! I've started doing the same and I feel miles better already. Mentally mostly! It's brilliant knowing you've done that little extra activity! You're doing so well!!

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