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Sore bleeding gums????

Hi all, am on LT 3 weeks now and in the last few days I have noticed that my gums are really sore and bleed a lot when I brush my teeth:eek:. I said it to the pharmacist today at WI and she said that no-one else has had that problem. Has anyone else had this problem, I love my teeth and don't want to cause any damage, any advice appreciated guys!!!xxxx
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I had it the first few weeks but im cool now xxx


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Here goes hun! Basically your gums bleed when there is plaque on them as a way of protecting themselves, therefore no plaque at all means no bleeding! When on LT we have less saliva due to no chewing, the saliva helps to wash our mouths and remove plaque! So on LT we may have more plaque deposits than before. When they bleed hun go back and brush the same places that bled, even though that sounds weird, try flossing also to remove it all xxxxx


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Sorry for the lecture lol i miss work! xx
Thanks Garry, do you think its because we aren't chewing?
maybe but they say snogging works but if i was you listen to trace shes a oral expert xx


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Lol youd better believe it Gaz! xx
Thanks Tracy, I forgot you were a dental nurse, will take your advice and be extra vigilant about flossing and brushing. I suppose I am just worried I am causing damage being on this diet?? Not enough vitamins or something? I have my 6 month check up soon, hopefully dentist won't give out to me for doing this.
so the snoggings out then ? xxxxx
I have noticed my gums havent been particularly healthy while on LT too and im obsessed with cleaning! Everybody in work knows about me and LT and they have been great...im sure they would have told me if there was anything to worry about teeth wise xx
The snogging is in hun!! xx
Not at all Garry..hubbys away tonight...but you can fly right???:rolleyes:
im always flying, OH YES Kildare where in Wales is that north or south xxx
lol....remind me never to get you to fly me anywhere!!!!!!

Thanks Tracy, inside info is appreciated!!!!!
Lol youre welcome hun hope it helps xxx

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