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sore throat...any tips?

For the first time on LL I feel like I'm coming down with a horrible sore throat and can hardly swallow. I'd love to suck on a Halls menthol but know it's off limits. Any tips from anyone on something to make me feel a bit better much appreciated!
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The only thing I can think if us gargling with salt water and taking paracetamol!!! I've been feeling like I'm about to get a sore throat!!! Xxxx
Hi Rachel, I woke up with sore throat (but not as bad as yours) this morning and I've been sipping hot flavoured water or black tea all day. Hot as I can drink it. It soothes my throat. Although I'm thick with cold my throat isn't sore this evening.
The only thing I can think if us gargling with salt water and taking paracetamol!!! I've been feeling like I'm about to get a sore throat!!! Xxxx
This is pretty much all you can do! I had an awful cold week 2 of LL - plenty of bed rest, paracetamol, salt water and a dry mouth spray were my saviours!
Guys i jsut found ont ehinternet that gargling with peppermint tea can help!!!
'You can gargle with tea several times a day to treat a sore throat. The menthol in peppermint has antibacterial, antiviral, and analgesic effects.'

hope you feel better
Oooh handy!! I've also been trying listerine.....thought the alcohol might kill the beasties!!! LOL!! Peppermint tea sounds a little better! x
are you feeling poorly as well Jodie
tyrozets?? I think thats what they are called. They are a lozenger with and antibiotic in them you get a Box of three tubes. You buy them over the counter at the chemists. I think they are the best thing I have tried xxx
Pym - not unwell, per se - i just keep getting sore throat/ear ache, like a colds about to come back!!!

Luan - are those allowed whilst on LL? I have some, just haven't checked that there's anything in them to knock you out of ketosis!!!
Feeling much better today!
Luan- I'm sure lozenges won't be allowed on LL as they will be packed full of sugar. Gargling soluble paracetamol did the trick for me!
Jodie - when you speak to the doc later see if he can shed some light on these symptoms also
Sorry pym, already spoke to doc, and hadn't seen this!! Sorry!!! Xxx
What did he say the pains in the head ? X
She said that there's nothing i can do about. She doesn't think it's related to LL, as i'm now fully hydrated, and had rested, so it's possible that I've strained/sprained something in my neck, which is causing a trapped nerve somewhere.
All i can do is rest and stop exercising and hope it goes away by itself!! Paracetamol and no strenuous movements.
I only need to get worried if my vision goes, or if I'm sick! Fun times!!!

Think i'm going start yoga on the wii fit then instead!!! I've got to do something!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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