Sore Throat stuff


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Is there any medicine or lozenges I can take on CD for a sore throat.
It's really rough and working in a call centre makes it worse.
Also its really hard to drink my water at the moment I thought it would be easier but the swallowing motion is not pleasent at the moment
You could have hot CD orange with paracetamol. That would be similar to a lemsip
I would just take them whole.

Not the same I know but it's safe. Hope you feel better soon.
Yes as DQ said, soluble is fine. When I said it would be safer, I meant safer to have para and CD than take sweet medicines or lozenges.
Hi Bellybee,

Sorry to hear you have a sore throat:(

In addition to what Karion Dieting said, you could also try to increase your water intake, that is only if you feel you might not be taking enough.

Leave the windown in your bedroom open a little at night to get fresh air into the bedroom. Gargle with warm salt water several times daily: ¼ tsp. salt to ½ cup water.

Early night in bed with a good book.

Love Mini xxx
Yeah thats cool will try and get some soluble paracetemols tomorrow and then I can have it all day to make me feel better. Un soluble paracetemol are a B*~%ch to melt in

Don't take more than is recommended on the packet!

Love Mini xxx
My grandmother always used to make me gargle with a sage infusion. It does work, but tastes rank (don't swallow it!).
Soluble aspirin is the best thing for a sore throat - gargle with it before you swallow it.

Strepsils extra are sugar free and should be fine as they are safe for diabetics. they ahve a local anaesthetic in them and the carbs shouldn't affect you as you can't have amny a day anyway.

If your throat is really, really bad then go to the pharmacy and buy an Eludril spray (usually kept in the dispensary) it's wonderful and also anaesthetic :D Get better soon :D
Thanks am doing ok today.
Finding it hard to get my water down as its the physical feeling of swalling that hurts the most.
Have bought some soluble panadol and am just about to make them up with the flavouring into a lemsipy type thing.
I just think its a pain with my job. I was gettin annoyed every time the phone rang today and considering it rang at least 100 times thats no good