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Sore Throat what can I take?

OK, so o/h has given me his Man Flu, which as it turns out, IS just a cold.

But I have a nasty sore throat and don't know what I can/cannot take for it. We've got Difflam Spray which has the following possibly iffey ingredients:
Saccharin - possibly sugar?
Glycerol - sounds sugary too?
Methyl somthing...
Ethanol (sounds like car fuel the more I read...)

Does anyone have any ideas on this one. I'm on day 12 and don't want to come out of ketosis for the sake of a sore throat, but I'm teaching The Tempest tonight and need a bit of voice stability...

My old fashioned Dad told me to gargle with salt water but that just makes me feel sick.
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I am afraid I agree with your dad. Gargling with warm salt water is the best thing, and won't affect ketosis! ;)

Otherwise - I believe you are at the mercy of paracetomol or aspirin - and plain aspirin is one of the best things for a sore throat.

I hope it passes swiftly as its rough not feeling well and not being able to take anything for it. :(

Good luck hon.

Thanks so much BL. Off to do the salt thing. :eek: Also the girl that works behind the register in our chemist said to gargle with asprin. I'm going to try both. Thank goodness I can type on here. Saving my voice for later tonight.
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Lol u guys!!

When me and my other half had a sore throat about a year ago, his mum (ever helpful) told him to gargle with an aspirin and salt in water... i pooh-poohed the idea, telling him to just get some real medicine... but she was right (don't u hate when that happens.. esp when it's ur MiL!) and you wouldn't believe how quickly our throats healed... literally after two days of gargling morning and night. So now my medicine cupboard is always stocked with aspirin and when I even feel the twinge of a sore throat coming on I reach for it and the salt... it works wonders!!

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