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Sore Throat


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Aw poor you... I would imagine you cant take them - the best thing to do I guess is to take paracetamol and gargle with TCP - tastes vile I know but it should help. Hope you get better soon :)


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Hope you are feeling better soon...there is a throat spray that you get get if what Elle suggests doesnt work (which is should really)..the spray sort of numbs your throat - cant remember the name but your chemist should be able to sort you out...


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Thanks. Feeling very depressed today. I know I've lost 12 pounds but I do not see any difference in me. I guess I am just impatient.


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To be honest I couldnt see any difference on me until I lost my second stone....(which will come very quickly you will see!!)....my hubby said he could see it but the only difference for me was my clothes just fitted me better and I wasnt struggling to tie buttons etc.....keep at it - it wont be long till you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and you will be "oh I look good"...hope you have a good weekend..chin up!
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Beas right, it will take a while for you to see nad feel a difference, but once you do, you just keep on and on noticing it.

This morning I looked in the mirror and for the first time I can see that my waist is almost smaller than my underbust, hasnt been like that for years!

Dont feel down, just keep on seeing the new slim you in your minds eye, you will soon start to see it in reality :)


Back on the wagon!
Thats what this place is all about....mind yourself this weekend and get better....take care...


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Strepsils do a sugar free version, I had a stinking cold and bad cough so asked at the pharmacy where I get lipotrim from and they gave me diabetic cough meds....sugar free and the strepsils too also sugar free.
I shall, but do not worry, nothing is going to stop me doing this diet!
Your doing really well Charlotte! 12lbs Congratulations!!!

hope your a bit better today?...lenty of water and rest (and sugar free strepsils if your allowed!)
Bit better, throat doesn't hurt so much but I ache all over.

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