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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
be careful on the co-codomol.. try and take paracetomol as codeine isn't advisable - and that's in co-codomol.

Hope the pains go soon, did you see your Dr in the end about the suspected collapsed womb? Or have you seen your midwife yet?
Might be worth calling your early pregnancy unit if you don't get any joy from either.
I phoned nhs24 they wanted me to go to a&e n be checked out. With OH in Austria n me on my own with 2 kids its not easy. I didnt fancy a 4 hour wait to have my bp n urine checked then to be told its the weekend n to come back tomoro n see epas. so ive just to call epas in the morning n go get a scan then. unless things change. She suspects ectopic. but could just be a urine infection.

Im on co codamol on prescription and doc ok'd it at last app.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Sounds wise to call them in the morning then, well done for thinking of NHS direct, I forget all about them! lol
Also glad the drugs are ok, I was warned off codeine - i have them for my back but was told not to take them. Funny how they differ eh! lol

I had sharp pains in my left hand side / groin area and had a scan at 6+3, so all is not lost hun, all was fine with me, I'd strained a muscle that was all, so really hope it's the same for you, or as you say a urine infection.
((hugs)) have you got someone to keep you company in the morning? a friend or relative?
Will be thinking of you x
It is funny how everyones told diffrent things. I thought they would have taken me off the co codamol.

Will have the wee one with me as shes of nursery 2moro. Dont want a friend to come as OH cant be there. As theres nbo bleeding im thinking more along uti. When i was pregnant the last time i had a few of them and from what i can remember they were very painful too.

NHS24 is very handy. I just hope i dont get in trouble for not going to a&e. But i really didnt feel it was serious enough.

Anyway wanted to enjoy my week while OH is away lol I'll phone him as soon as i get out, was thinking i might pretend to him its twins lol but when i thought about it i better not joke just in case lol

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
hope it goes well this morning for you ((Hugs)) am there 'virtually' for support x
Just back from epas. Baby is fine and growing in the right place. Showing 8.5 weeks just now. They did say if the pain continued to see gp as may not be pregnancy related. They did the vaginal scan and it was much clearer than the tummy scan. Was a bit sore n uncomfortable never had that b4.

DD was over the moon to see her baby brother/sister. Would probably have prefered to wait a while b4 telling her, but the nurse lifted her up and showed her.


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
aww how wonderful all is well :) And baby is doing fine :) And that you got a pic!! my sonographer at 6+3 laughed when I asked for a print, mind it was external so a 'bean' literally! lol

Hope the pain goes but if not get yourself checked out ((hugs))
i think the cramps must be quite common, had that and light bleeding at 7 weeks, everything was fine but had a scan to check...glad everything is well

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