Sorry a bit downbeat and can't be ar**d! (food mentioned)

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  1. Angela83

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    Sorry-I try to keep it positive on here but today I just cant be bothered. Just want to eat, today was actually going ok and theres no excuses for it but I've just had 2 bowls of rice crispies and i dont care. Well I do care but Im not feeling guilty and i think I should. Feel like because we're going away tomorrow Im in kinda holiday and not diet mode.

    Still dont know what Im doing for the next 2 days (leaving tomorrow at 10 in morning for a wedding reception then home afternoon Sun), I could either have my 3 packs + sensible meal option or use it as a chance to get back into SS as i think all this changing from SS to SS+ then recently doing 810 isn't working for me. Think I either have to stick to 810 or SS-and if i manage to stick to SS it hopefully wont be long till Im moving up the plans anyway.

    Arrrg... where's my motivation gone to???- please come back if you're reading this!!!
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    aww hun, sorry to hear you are not motivated. Defo sounds like holiday mode. I suggest you enjoy a few days away then come back raring to go, on whichever plan fits in best. Maybe a week or 2 on ss to get back into the swing of things then move up the plans?
  4. kikuka

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    Hi hon I am sorry you feel despondent. I ALWAYS feel this way when a break in the routine comes up, and I almost end up resenting what should be a happy occasion for getting in my way. My own way of dealing with it is to give myself 2 days of healthy eating (not binging) and go back to SS afterwards. I learnt the hard way that trying to stick to a strict plan at these things ended up with so much mental anguish I would end up binging in a bad way, and planning healthy choices was defintiely the better of 2 evils for me. I am getting there, maybe slower than if I had stuck fast, but still sane which has to be good!

    Good luck and have a nice time whatever you decide to do - your motivation will come back
  5. LizzMB

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    enjoy your holiday, accept the gain (if there is one) and then back on the wagon 100% when you get back hun!
  6. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    Thanks, After I posted I brushed my teeth to help with cravings, went out for a walk then got DS ready for bed. Got ironing, cleaning, nail painting and Torchwood tonight so that should keep me busy!!

    Got my next WI on weds and its my birthday so I really hope that keeps me focused- a nice loss on my birthday would be good! then on Thurs ive got my brothers graduation meal (planning on eating) and DS christening next Sun (again planning on eating) Just hope I manage to keep it together and focused on the days inbetween!
  7. Wales

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    I feel exactly the same - holiday and my 810 week - so haven't been strictly 810 but only having one meal a day and my packs and doing some exercise. But it is difficult isn't it!

    I have put on a couple of lbs this week which I accept but I wish I could have stayed on SS! I have another week of holiday next week and I can go back on SS - I just have to make sure that I do. Or if I don't I make good 810 choices.

    You have done so well so far and you are very close to your goal - good luck with your choices and enjoy your holiday!!!
  8. EllieMellie

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    Aw, honey, we all have days like this and knowing your holiday is so close must make it harder!
    For what it's worth, I think you should give yourself a break, eat sensibly and come back to CDC after your hols xx
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