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sorry i just needed to tell someone

Andy R.

Time for a change
Hi ive been feeling super positive about my weight loss in recent weeks. Ive had to make a few changes in my life recently. But i didnt want it to interfere with my SW plan. I lost 5 pounds this week after staying the same the week before. So far in the last 4 weeks ive lost 12 and half pounds. Its really helped me stay happy in a time when things wernt so great. I now know im getting on with my life and i'm all the better for it. This past weekend i had to go buy new clothes for a night out. and i discovered i dropped another jeans size. the 3rd time since january. little things like that are making a big difference. becuase just a short time ago nothing fitted me, and had a hard time wearing anything that didnt scream "im over weight and trying to hide myself".
Sorry i babbled on but im feeling good and wanted to catch the moment.
I hope it helps to spread a bit positivity across our little SW community lol
(hey that rhymed)
thanks for reading :)

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I can do this............
ah well done andy thats brillant. You should be really proud of youself and how far you have come. There is nothing better than going into a shop and finding out you have gone down a size! I love coming on here just for a bit of positivity!


Gold Member
Little positive changes can have such a big impact on your life! The thing with SW is you dont have to put your life on hold for it or feel it will makes things worse when you've got your own things going on. I feel totally in control of what I eat whereas before if I felt down about something my good eating habits went out the window in a second.

Well done for your weightloss so far, you've done brilliantly! Keep up the goodwork! And you might want to work more to have the money for all the smaller clothes you'll need!! ;-)


Finding inspiration
It's brilliant that you can keep yourself positive like that. Well done you!! And double congrats on the weight loss. You're a legend! :D
Hey thats great well done. Thats nearly a stone in a month :eek: Getting into smaller clothes makes it worth it x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
That's fantastic! There's nothing like needing a smaller size to make you feel good!
It really sounds like sw is doing you the world of good.. and 3 jean sizes since january is just fab. Im sure you look and feel fantastic for it, when my nanna died back in october i really struggled.. but i was determined to stick to plan and quit smoking.. because i know she would have wanted me to have carried on as normally as i could. I also found throwing myself into sw made it easier to deal with life, and it sounds like if things are a bit tough for you right now.. that its really helping having the little boosts that you get from loosing weight. I think youv done so well.. Well done :) you should be uber proud of yourself! xxxxxxxx

Andy R.

Time for a change
Thanks everyone. That was really touching fern, and i think you're right in what your saying. All the little boosts help. oh and take the cake away from me kristin1 its far too tempting. the thought makes my mouth water lol
Hey Andy!

So you should be shouting from the rooftops, you have done absolutely amazing. Especially at a time where people would normally fall to pieces if they have other major things going on in there life. So give yourself a HUGE pat on the back honey! You deserve it xx


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
well done honey XXXXXXXXX keep at it


Bring it on!
Don't be sorry, it's little stories like that which help inspire people. great to find out as you're trying on that you dropped a jean size. You go for it! :)


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Well done Andy, you've done amazing so far! How do men lose their weight so fast..LOL I envy you :D Keep going, you're doing great.

Andy R.

Time for a change
i lose it probably at the same rate i put it on last year lol.
You know reading all this encouragement makes me feel even better. i love this place. cos it so hard to share personal issues like this. thanks again :)
Huge congrats! What a great post :) made me all smiley for you :) Im having a crappy few days not off not on plan really so youve reminded me of the little things that matter :)

Well done you! You'll be a slinky malinky before u know it!!

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