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Sorry just got to share this with you

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Aw, they are so funny!

My god daughter once said, while we were in a restaurant waiting for the bill, "don't worry, I'll get that on my credit card"! She was 4!!

Theresa x


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arent they ickle gems! x


Is so very nearly there!
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Ha ha ha ha I love it!

My DD just replies I dunno to EVERYTHING at the min x


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when my daughter was tiny we stayed in a posh hotel - she was sat in the high chair but was old enough to say quite a few words. She dropped her spoon on the floor and said 'oh sh*t' at the top of her voice in a very quiet restaurant!! My husband and I suddenly found ourselves under the table - laughing!!


i love my family!
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awww so cute! things like that make me smile! ive got a 3yo girl too xxx
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i found my three year old daughter sat on the bottom step, with handbag... mobile phone to ear, .... credit card in handing... pretending to buy soemthing... LOL had some pics... will have to look for them :) x


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When H was about 6 he asked me in front of a very large group of friends
"Mummy.. whats a tampon?"
You could hear the crack of necks a mile away as they all turned to listen to my explanation!!!!!!!!!!


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My son did the worst ever last year. We were walking through out local shops and some ladies walked past with them dress things on that just show there eyes. Well my son watches a programme on the telly with ninjas on and they dress the same. His eyes popped out of his head when he saw the ladies as he shouted at the top of his lungs mummy ninjas and proceeded to do a flying ninja kick at them. It was so funny and so embaressing at the same time.
Awww, I love kids. I was putting my 3yo neices socks on so was kneeling in front of her, she puts her hand down my top on to my boobs and says

"ooouise, what are these?"

Hahaha, luckily no one else was in the room at the time, so I just explained they are boobs and one day you'll have them too. Hehe.

Kids rock x
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I wish I'd have thought to have wrote down every single cute thing my kids have said because there have been so many that I cannot remember.

When my 5-year-old brought his Reception work home at the end of last term, his "All about me" book said "I think my dad is about 17". His dad is 35 LOL.


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Another on my 3 year old did a few weeks back. We were walking through the park and a little asian boy toddled over to her giggling and smiling at her. She hid behind me and said I dont like him hes dirty right infront of the boys mum :eek: I had to explain all the way home that he was not dirty and that some people have different skin colour.
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hope my kids re that cute!


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Awww bless her. Gotta love em!

I have a three year old daughter and she has me in stitches with the things she comes out with.

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