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I've managed to book onto an introductory evening for the LL programme, but to be honest I'm terrified. I've been yoyoing for the last couple of years only managing to loose half of what I wanted to (and subsequently putting it all back on). I'm afraid of starting another programme and failing again, my family, whilst supportive, when I say 'stuff it' are quite happy to go along with my decision rather than talk me out of it. For the folks already on the programme, did you have these fears before you started? or am I just trying to talk myself into failing before I even begin? Sorry to be a pest before I've even started on LL.
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God yeah Im a classic yo-yoer!
never thought I would stick it this long :D


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u will have concerns all the way thru the diet. u will have ur chatterbox convincing you to eat as well as self sabotage is usually a big contender when we start these things.

the thing is...u dont know how far u can go with this til u try. i reckon most of us a serial dieters with a big "yo-yo" history. with the counselling, u may learn a lot bout why u yo-yo and i reckon tackling these issues r gonna be what helps u succeed rather than just drinking packs.

i'd talk to family and tell them how much u wanna do this and ask them to help "police" what u r upto. u need people to talk to when u wanna fall off the wagon and theres no harm in asking ur family to be there for you.

give it ur best shot! i mean ur very very best. i am coonvinced that'll be enuff to suceed. xxxxxxxxxxx


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Hi, yes I had those fears before I started and was a yo-yoer too. But this is different. Taking away conventional food is quite liberating and the counselling helps so much to address your issues with food. I was a real sceptic before I started "I know everything there is to know about nutrition and diets" was my pre LL attitude - but I was so wrong - what LL teaches you is not WHAT you eat but WHY you eat - and that was a big moment for me. Yes it can be tough but the results are so worth it. Yes its scary and you will need support from friends and family but you will also get a lot of support from this forum from people who are going through what you are going through. My advice - do it and don't look back at your failures - think forward to the new slim you. If you follow the plan, you are guaranteed to lose weight.

Good luck.


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OMG yeh....I have tried every diet going ....Id lose 2 st then get bored and disheartened with the small weight losses.....Well since starting lipotrim(similar to LL) I have not looked back but you must stick to it 100% as I have found out the hard way that the slightest thing that you put in your mouth will knock you out of ketosis, therefore making your weight loss stop or even put on weight.

I am back on track now and have so far lost 4 stone in 12 weeks.

Good luck if you want to succeed, you will.


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Hi Jannie

I had lots of worries too and not just about if it was going to be another yo yo diet to add the long list of others.
I'm now on day 22 and i know i will not give in this time, and neither will you once you see the weight dropping off...and it literally does!!
Any other questions you have feel free to ask. You will get fantastic support on here.
Good Luck
Christina x