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sorry rant...evans


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Thought I would treat myself to a new top as i'm going out Saturday, I have been invited to a x factor finals party. Tres chic :cool: :D

Anyway I made my way to the evans store in newcastle, which is quite a good one with 2 floors etc, only to find they have shoved us large girls upstairs and replaced downstairs with a shop for skinny women.

I thought it was strange when I saw the window display had changed and it was plastered with Wallis signage, the only way we could tell it was evans was by going inside and seeing the sign pointing upstairs. No plus size models in the window anymore type thing.

I wasn't the only one confused judging by the other 3 large ladies who were in there.

So I went upstairs and it was crammed full of all the depts from 2 floors that they had tried to squeeze on one floor, the skinny assistant obviously dressed in Wallis clothes asked if I needed help, so I asked her what had happened to the shop, oh don't you like it she asked, its so cosy now :mad: no I dont like it I said this was our patch ( well I didnt exactly say that :D)

I said theres so few places to go for clothes and now we have half taken over by the skinny brigade, well they do go up to size 20 she said :eek:.

If I could get into a size 20 I wouldn't be shopping at evans. Well she seemed to like it, I was so pleased for her in her size 14 jeans :rolleyes:

Anyway rant over, just shows us large ladies are being shoved out of the high street now, well here in the toon anyway :(

Got a nice top though :D
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Typical! It's like they put all the small size bras on the top rung at M&S so you have to bend down to find one.
positioned nearly on the floor.


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Awww honey that's horrible! Why are shops now doing this? There was a time not too long ago when I used to see store fronts split down the middle if the shops were across two floors...

...ok...I might be wrong, but I do believe that the company who own Wallis and Evans are the same one that used to own Dolcis and still own bay Trading. I worked for them for a while as a Saturday girl and as a lot of companies, they can be a bit pants. It sounds like they might be 'merging' them - they did this with Doclis and Bay Trading. We started to sell Bay tagged shoes in Dolcis and then Dolcis folder and vanished off the face of the Earth. Don't want to worry you...hopefully it won't be the case here.

It's at times like this when I realise how 'easy' I have it. Even though my BMI said I was overweight, I was never bigger than a size 14 so could still shop in the same places, just different size. Yes I used to come home saying nothing suited me, I looked fat in everything...I feel awful now as this makes me realise how lucky I was to be able to go to the same shops even at my biggest. Does that make sense? Kind of makes wake up and smell the coffee etc.

I hope that Evans is not planning on down sizing because too many ladies shop there and from what I recall my sister buying, the stuff is always pretty and good quality. They should at least put a sign out front and hire someone who wears their stuff! Gawd!

Hugs - hope you're ok xxx
I haven't bought anything from Evans for ages - I think that their quality has really gone down over the last few years. I don't think they are doing very well at the moment, to judge by the number of sales they have. So that may be why they are now sharing space with Wallis.


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The one in Penzance is on a second floor over a dottie p's. Last time I went there anyway, that and it has only about quarter of the floor space of the downstairs shop.

Couldn't see there was any lift either (so anyone with mobility problems was basically excluded)! hopefully that at least has changed [if there was a lift it was well hidden!!!!]


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Last time I was looking for Evans near me I walked straight passed it thinking it had closed. Its now apparantly called Outfit or something and is a mixtuire of wallis, dp and something else so only has one small corner of evans and no underwear at all


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I'm glad I'm losing weight as I hate the Evans branches where they share space with 'skinny' shops. AND they always tuck the Evans section right at the back where you have to squeeze past the smaller clothes (and smaller customers)
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Typical! It's like they put all the small size bras on the top rung at M&S so you have to bend down to find one.
positioned nearly on the floor.
OMG Judimac, didn't realise anyone had seen me in M&S bra hunting lol. I was nearly positioned on the floor but my poor old boobs were sweeping it!

Anyway Soccermom, have a wonderful time at the X factor party, take some pics and post them on here for us to be envious off.


S: 19st3lb C: 18st1.5lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 1st1.5lb(5.76%)
well I had a fab time in my lovely new top :D but oh my I had to much wine the ostess kept topping me up, I so wanted to be good :cry: I didn't touch the buffet. :D

However, by time I left I was feeling a bit worse for wear and got in and ate 1 bag of wotsits and 1 bag of quavers and a wholemeal roll with lc cheese and ham, oh and woke with a hangover :(

I tried to stick to plan I really did, think I have gained all the weight I have lost and I only had 1/2 lb to go til my stone, so dreading weigh in now, paranaoid or what :eek:

sorry I didnt take my camera and no one else did either, however I did acquire one x factor tour ticket, not really my cup of tea but its worth a laugh just to see jedward :D hopefully they do brittany spears again :D
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hire someone who wears their stuff! Gawd!
:confused: thus the skinny shops should only hire skinnies? bit of reverse discrimination going on there! be nice to the skinnies, we'll be them soon :D

on that note i alwasy remember being at work after recently dropping to a size ten and a larger lady moaning about being chunky and me joining in coz my head hadnt caught up with my body and she looked at me as if i was mad! sort of missed that ability to join in with empathetic moaning about being big, was wierd!

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