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sorry - this is gross but need answers!!!


SOrry for asking this but need to know!

Both me and OH (also doing CD) have been basically weeing out of the wrong place - in severe amounts. My butt feels like it's on fire now and I'm having to rush to the loo every few minutes - sometimes to wee but also coz of the other place exploding!! I had a nasty 'accident' this morning in bed thinking I had a fart brewing... you get the picture.

I'm really sorry if this post offends anyone - honestly not my intention but I need to know:

a) If it stops
b) If it's normal.....


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Isn't it horrid? I've been to the loo about 9 times in the last hour and I've only drunk about 3 litres today so far...


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Have you had it from when you first started the diet?
Is it clear fluid?
This is only day 11 and I've just upped my water intake.

No, it's not clear liquid!!!!!

I've a feeling some wise soul is going to say that it's just my body cleaning itself out....is this the case????? My tummy is hurting and bubbling away now....


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I had this twice on restarts before and had two 'accidents' both of which in front of my husband which was horrific, but thank heavens I wasn't in the street.

For me, it was the bars. As soon as I touched a bar, that was it. This time I am on day 12 and have had no wind or any issues at all, I have stuck to the diet 100% and have never, and never intend do, introduce a bar.

Chat to your CDC, make a note of what flavours etc you are having and see if there is a pattern or anything new such as bars or flavourings.

I never found out if it went away as both times I ate immediately thinking life is too short for that...but this time I knew I wasn't going to do anythign other than have plain shakes and water, I won't even turn my shakes into muffins now, just shakes!

Good luck, I know how horrid it is x


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this has happened to several people on the forum, including myself! i honestly dont know how or why it happened, but it did stop in the end! hopefully someone with more sense than me will come along and let u know why it happens, but please dont worry too much about it, just try and stay close to the toilet!
This also happened to me, it was day 6 and I remember it well, before I go in to too much detail then yes, it does stop, took a day or so but yes, dont panic.

I was walking to join DH in the pub, it was a roasting day, he had bought me a pint of water!!! I shot in the toilet and wow, the world fell out my bum!!!! it didnt stop for ages, but my sunday it was all ok again, I firmly believe its our bodies way of getting rid of the last bit of nastyness.


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I found I had to split my packs up a bit more, too much goodness in one go, if i rush and have my packs close together i get it without fail. It usually does pass after a day or so. Keep drinking more (if you can) water to stop you getting dehydrated, but it does pass. Make a note of what you are drinking, see if there is a pattern. Hugs xx


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Ive never had this problem on CD but this time its happened for the last couple of days. Thought i had a bug or something. Maybe theyve altered the formula slightly.
Sounds more like Winter D&V virus - lasts approx 48 hrs - highly contagious and you need to stay away from folk for 48hrs .........all had it here over Christmas and it's sweeping the nation.

Keep your fluids up and rest.
Thanks everyone for your messages, it's really cheered me up!!

Am feeling slightly better but was really poorly last night - couldn't eat my 4th pack even! Have realised it could be due to sugar free gum - excessive consumption has a laxative effect according to packet....won't be doing that again in a hurry, then!

Love to all xxx


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My stomach was in pain on saturday then ran to the loo was in there a while .. well i thought there can't be nothing left inside me ... but i think what i did wrong was to much Liquid cos it was water then the shake then another water first thing as i came down that morning ... try space the water out ?


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The gum sounds the culprit...can have a laxative effect if eating normally, if eating packs and water guaranteed to have a more than laxative effect.

Hopefully it will be gone by tonight.

Take care - Joe


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Know exactly how you feel to be honest I think it's just a bug as I had it yesterday, my tummy was killing yesterday but with it being TOTM I thought it was that, went to the loo, what an explosion, couldnt face my last pack last night, My belly is still like a washing machine today, gurgling, popping, making some dodgy noises, but havent been to the loo all day so it must be passing, hold tight girls it will soon pass.....

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Personally I have had this on and off during my CD experience... I've restarted and the same has happened again.. it does settle down but in my experience going for no.2's is never the same as it was when I was eating solids..for me it's not a tummy bug or a laxative effect of anything other than the packs themselves..

Also (well, depending on the soups or shakes you have I suppose) is it a kind of yellowy brown colour with a distinctive smell?????

Oh the shame of talking about one of the most natural things in the world!!!!!!!!! Ahahahaha!!

Mares x x x
Mares - in answer - yes!!!!!!!


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Mine is yellowy and i have noticed that it happens if i have 2 shakes close together. ( I only have the shakes and soups, not Tetra-Paks) I work long days and if i have 2 when i get home within half an hour the toilet bowl is calling me. Luckily we have a bathroom downstairs!
It starts at day 3 for me - every time! I think that maybe some people are more sensitive to the minerals and nutrients than others? :confused:

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