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Totally Focused
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I haven't been around for a while. I've just been very stressed and absolutely exhausted with trying to run a home, get my work done, ensure all my new grandchildren are doing well, looking after my granddaughter and spending as much time as I can with Himself in the hospital. He has now been in for over 5 weeks. Tomorrow he is due to have a bypass in the lower leg (a 3 hour op) to improve the blood supply to his foot and hopefully encourage the healing process which is very slow at the moment. Please spare a thought and/or prayer for him.

Martha and Jago are thriving and both now weigh nearly 6lbs! Its hard to believe they shouldn't be here for another 3 weeks!! Isaac is also doing well and is quite a strapping lad - well seeing him next to his cousins is quite amusing! He looks huge and is actully 8 weeks younger than they are!!

Thank you to those who have missed me on minims and have PMd me. I do appreciate your concern and your lovely messages. And, yes, I am sticking to CD all this time and the weight has slowed but is still coming off!
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Mrs B

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Hi Chris, good to hear from you. I was just wondering how you were. Best wishes for hubby's op - I hope it goes well for him.


Busy busy busy!!
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Well done to you for sticking with the diet through all of this!!!

Fantastic news about the babies.

Lots of good wishes for tomorrow for your OH and thinking of you both.

hiya gradma, well done on still loosing the weight.its coming of thats the main thing. thats fab news about all the new grandkids. hope your hubby's op goes ok will say a prayer for him. take care.

becky x
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Sending loads of good wishes for tomorrow. Well done on sticking with it hun xxxx


Ancient Egypt Nut!
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Hi Grandma (Chris) :)

Lovely to see you tonight. Will be thinking of you and Himself tommorow.

Lacey xxx :D


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Hi grandma. Glad to hear the babies are doing well.

Gosh what a hectic few weeks you've had. Well done on sticking to CD.

Sending love and best wishes for your hubby's op this morning x xx


Totally Focused
S: 21st4.0lb C: 18st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.5 Loss: 2st5lb(11.07%)
Thanks everyone! The operation was today and I was absolutely shattered to be told when I rang the ward that OH hadn't had the bypass done after all! Apparently when the vascular consultant investigated the leg further he discovered that the blood supply to the foot is good and there was no need for the bypass! However, he has debrided the wound again and now thinks there is a lot of fatty tissue that has nectrotised under the toes, so, although they are healthy, current thinking is they will have to come off to give the foot a chance. We can live with that if necessary! They won't make a definite decision for several weeks to give it a chance to begin to heal first. So we are back to the waiting game!

I'll keep you informed.


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Hi Chris,

Glad to hear the news is good, even if they have to take that away to make the foot healthier that is better than what you thought...

Just catching up with your thread, I missed you but glad everything is going well with all the kiddy winkles...

Must be so nice, even if you have had a rough day to have a cuddle! and well done you for sticking on track, I understand completely that sometimes it is easier to stick to this sort of thing cos that is all you have control over...

Positive thoughts for DH foot, fingers crossed for these next few weeks...


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