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Sort of Newbie...

... in fact more of a defector from LighterLife! A change in my personal circumstances (read: split from partner :() means that I've had to prioritise.
I've completed nearly 6 weeks and lost 19 lb in total abstinence with LL, and as losing another 2 stone is still a very high priority I decided that I'd continue on VLCD with Exante. I have enough LL packs for tomorrow, then my Exante supplies should arrive (I HOPE!!) on Tuesday.
Oh, I'm Lucy by the way :D
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Fitness Freak!
Hi Lucy. I'm just starting today so completely new! Well done on your losses so far, you've done really well. Sorry to hear about the split.
Hi Lucy

Welcome. You already know the drill as far as the packs go and you can use this place as your LLC ;)

Aw, thanks for the warm welcome, I really appreciate it :) The support from a forum like this in invaluable, talking to people who know what we're on about! Only a few close friends of mine know about me being on LL, and though they're really supportive it's hard for anyone not doing this to understand it.
I guess I do know the drill with the packs, it will just be a case of getting used to 3 instead of 4. Looking forward to a couple of new flavours :)


Guess who's back...?
Hey Lucy - aww, just read about the split. So sorry.

I broke up with the man who I thought was the love of my life back in July, and I think part of my reason for getting the rest of the weight off now is all to do with claiming a bit of myself back - taking control again. Still finding things hard - heartbreak, quite simply, sucks.

Well done on your losses so far and keep posting! :) xx
Hi Lucy and Mudbabe,

Welcome and good luck. :)
Hello Lucy - welcome & good luck.

Try splitting the bars into two small meals while you get used to the change in routine?
That's a good idea herewego - I will do that, see how I get on. I'm in quite a routine with the times of my packs at the moment so that would be a big help.

Hi to the other "newbies" :)
Update - Well, I had my last LL pack last night and I've had a message to say my Exante packs will be here between 11.33 and 12.33 today. So extra coffee for me this morning and I'll just have a late brunch!! Looking forward to trying some new packs, just to keep myself busy this morning now! :D


Guess who's back...?
Crikey that's precise! :D

Hope your packs arrived ok. What did you think of your first Exante pack(s)? I have to say I wasn't that keen following the LL packs, but they have grown on me and the losses are definitely enough to keep me on track :)

All present and correct, just after 11.30, so I managed to not turn to f**d while I waited. I had the banana first, managed to get it down but it's definitely going to need a couple of sweeteners next time! I loved the tomato & basil soup, and the toffee nut and raisin bar was delish. So day 1 has been fine. Not sure if I'm looking forward to the other shakes but I guess I'll get used to them :)
I've been trying to sort out the mortgage today - my sums just aren't quite adding up at the moment! It's quite stressful right now and I'm glad not to be thinking about eating.
Changeover complete...

... I feel like a proper Exante-r now, having done 5 days and tried all the flavours. The ones I wasn't sure about were definitely better second time around (with the help of some Splenda!), and going from 4 packs to 3 hasn't been the struggle I thought it might be.

Having bouillion has been a great addition too :)

Hope everyone's having a good weekend, and that this week's newbies aren't finding it too hard.

Hiya Lucy...I have just finished day 4 so a tad behind you. Your weightloss on LL was fab. Good luck with exante. Look forward to getting to know you :)
Not too bad ta. Have done CD before so kinda knew what I was getting into. I am going to weigh in on Wednesday....looking forward to it. Week one is always a good one :) How are you getting on?
Ok now I've got used to the different packs.
You'll have a great Wednesday then! I'm weighing on a Tuesday morning - funny how I get excited about weighing now :rolleyes:
It's nice to see those numbers going down rather than up :)


I will never give up
HI LUCY JUST SEEN YOUR THREAD IM JUST COMING TO THE END OF WEEK 5 WEIGH IN TOMORROW BUT 4 OF THEM HAVE BEEN ON LIPOTRIM SO THIS IS MY FIRST WEEK ON EXANTE TOO. HOPE YOUR GETTING ON OK i had a blip wednesday (totm) but have been ok since so am hoping it wont affect my weight loss too much as it did kick me out of ketosis which i had to go through all the carb withdrawel symptoms again, nice. anyway see you around
Hi Spyro! You're doing really well, good for you for not letting last week upset the apple cart - bl***y TOTM!! Two lots of carb withdrawal = nasty.
I've got my weigh in tomorrow too :D
How was Lipotrim? Whose packs do you prefer? I must admit it took a few days to get used to the Exante shakes as LighterLife ones are much sweeter, but I'm fine with them now. Just a means to an end really.
Good luck tomorrow - hope to see a nice minus number. Lucy :) x

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