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Sort of Struggling... :S

Hi all :) This is a lovely forum to be a part of :) Thankyou to everyone for all the advise and support that is on here!!
I joined SW 8 weeks ago, and have been up down up down! Its getting to the point where im thinking.. can i be bothered. Which sounds bloody dreadful as i know in my head SW is the best/healthiest/easiest healthy eating plan to follow!! But I just seem to have lost the enthusiasm! It doesnt help that i am skint this week really.. I am gonna be living on green days i think! I just need to get back into it fully and I dunno what to do ... Any help or Advise would be greatly appreciated! xx
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Hey hun :)

it can be so difficult to find that motivation but as you know, it can only come from you. Somtimes its just about getting excited, excited about the food, about your mini goals.. where you can see yourself at the end of your weight loss journey. Id get together some recipe ideas suitable for your budget this week, try some new things or mix it up a bit, have a look at some inspirational photos (theres a link in the blue bar above) of some before and after photos of the minimin members, that can be really motivating.

It can be difficult, esp when you dont have the motivation in the first place.. but once your there, it all seems so easy. honestly. We all have weeks were be feel a bit deflated and like its going on forever, can we really be bothered? but you have to remind yourself why you need to do it in the first place.. why you chose sw. somtimes on my really crappy weeks i look back at how massive i used to be and the photos that really upset me.. it reminds me why i never want to go back there and certainly kicks me up the bum!

loves xxxx


Trying again!!
Hi Chubby - chels

Apparently 8 weeks is the point where most find it hard on any diet and a lot of people give up - I felt the same myself a couple of weeks ago - just got bored with it really but managed to stay on the wagon and so glad I did - I did exactly as Fern said and planned my meals and my syns for the week - making sure I had a reward of a couple of glasses of wine too.

In the past it's been at about the 8 week stage I've given up and piled on the weight I'd lost and more!

I also think for some people sometimes just having a couple of days off eating anything you want can help (as long as it doesn't turn into a couple of months) without doing too much damage.

Good luck and keep coming on here for inspiration and support.

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