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Sorted out my wardrobe



And that's not with the biggest size that have already gone lol
Well done,I've made a big pile that's sit in corner. I find it so hard letting go of lovely clothes. I need to pack it up :( I have hardly anything that fits,but I'm surging in cheap leggings :)
I've already had to by new ones and now they are getting too big . I'm holding on till Christmas and wearing loose clothes and leggings till then . Hopefully I'll be able to go and get some new size 14's by then
mrs big b said:
I've already had to by new ones and now they are getting too big . I'm holding on till Christmas and wearing loose clothes and leggings till then . Hopefully I'll be able to go and get some new size 14's by then
Although I've already got a few 14's that fit . The 16's are loose but can't buy more just yet my hubby would have a fit lol
Well done - looks like you worked hard.
I keep my clothes in the 'spare' room and it's turned into a complete tip because I'm a hoarder and clothesaholic. Got friends staying at the weekend so was supposed to do that today, but couldn't summon the energy (really horrid cold today) - you've inspired me for tomorrow though.
I did the same at the start of the summer holiday, (as I work at a college) most of mine went as it was getting far too big, then went out at the begining of septemberto buy new stuff to go back to work.
Have just spent today shopping at Bluewater for a new party/christmas outfitand could not believe I was getting into size 14 clothes (used to be a size 22).
Its very good to get rid of th old but even better getting the new.
I hit the charity shops this week, I refuse to re stock my whole wardrobe paying full price. I'm chuffed with my haul, nearly new leather boots £4 ( now I have not worn heels in 20 years, I can't walk far in them,but they look good lol, even if I manage going for a meal in them maybe )

M and as per una winter cardi in Autumnal colours, looks new £5

H and M brand new cream jacket, size ten, now I'm size 16/14 now it fits at arms and back,with a 3 inch gap at front, so that's for new year maybe £5

Next t shirt top like new £3

Here's my boots :)


I agree bunnylush. I`ll be hitting the charity shops my self this weekend as I get paid this Friday!! :D

No sense paying full price while you`re "travelling" through the sizes. I`ve got loads of 18`s & 20`s bagged up. Not intending to keep them, it might tempt fate!!

The 14`s I`m wearing are getting very loose. Hopefully I`ll be able to get into 12`s for the first time in many years!! :D
well done Mrs B. Just had a clear out myself. About 6 bags off to charity shop - although most of them didn't owe me anything! I am in the fortunate position that a friend is on the sw before me so I am getting her cast offs which is wonderful. Now one question how did you lose so much weight so quickly? I am going really slowly. Any tips? I do loads of superfree.


Operation Hottie Kidnap
I had a clear out the other weekend when I moved - 4-5 huge bin bags of clothes were taken to the clothes bank! Which has left my wardrobe looking very empty.

I did buy a couple of bits in Peacocks on Friday and have 5 bits waiting for me to Collect at Asda this week (all on sale at very cheap prices - total of £22 for the lot!), but might hit the charity shops when I visit my parents for the weekend, see if I can find any bargains :).

I'm currently trying to make do with my size 14 stuff for work (though getting quite loose now) and then the few new size 12 bits for casual as I only have 1 pair of jeans that fit now :eek: I shall be living in leggings for the next few weeks I think!

Hopefully by the middle of next year I shall have reached target (second target, as I already plan to lower the one I have currently) and I can go on a major shopping spree! Must jsut get back into following plan, been really bad the last few weeks for obvious reasons.
I did a clearout recently as well - three enormous black sacks' worth of clothes. There are still some clothes in my wardrobe that are a bit too big - I need to do another round of sorting but I ran out of patience! Feel very pleased I made myself do it though - I've had a bit of a 'but what if I put weight on and need these again' thing going through my head for quite a while now, so I'm sure it's healthy for me mentally that I've blessed the charity shop with them and now there's no going back!

I tell you what, it'll be nice to hit a stable weight/size, so I can fill my wardrobe with clothes that aren't from Primark and ebay. I do feel a bit too cheap and cheerful when it comes to my clothes at the moment, lol. Roll on the day!

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