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Sorting Through Old Clothes

This evening, I decided to undertake a little project which I haven't done in quite some time.

I decided to actually have a look in my closet, which is a place I've pretty much not dared go. All the clothing I usually wear, with the exception of my one pair of dress pants, can be found in my dresser drawers.

It was scary, yeah.

I decided not to overwhelm myself and I only had a look at the pants. I found stuff as big as a size 20* and as small as a size 14. I even found one pair of dress pants I'd never worn, since the original tags were still present.

Of course none of it fits, yet. Other than the sweat pants I wear almost always, I have one pair of jeans, size 24, that fit. I have one other pair, also a size 24, that I can wear, if I don't mind a very snug fit and considerable "muffin top." Oddly enough, the two pairs are the same size, the same style, and the same manufacturer, but they were made in two separate factories.

What's even more frightening is that I have several boxes of even smaller clothing stashed away in the garage. Some of that stuff dates back more than 20 years, but I don't plan to tackle those boxes until I've shrunk out of the clothes I unearthed this evening.

Now that I have it all sorted out, I'm left wondering how much more weight I'll have to lose before I can squeeze into those size 20s.

* Are US and UK sizes the same? In the US, women's sizes are measured at the waist, and are half the waist measurement. A size 20, for example, is supposed to fit someone with a 40-inch waist. Men's sizes make much more sense, since they are measured in waist size. A man's 36 will fit a guy with a 36-inch waist.
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done for having a clearout! :D I'm sure you'll be in those 20's in no time and dipping under the 20 marker! :D

I wish I had that many clothes to fall back on, but I'll have to go shopping when I go down another dress size!
Still... I won't mind! lol
I wish I had that many clothes to fall back on, but I'll have to go shopping when I go down another dress size!
Still... I won't mind! lol
My problem is that I'm a packrat! I never throw anything out, because I "might need it someday."

This time around, though, once I shrink out of those fat clothes, I'm going to send them to the thrift store. I'll keep one pair of my largest pants, just for show, and the rest is going to go away so I'll have to keep the weight off or go naked!


Slimming for my children
I am the same as you (re my i am so fat post) i have one jumper that fits at the moment which has stains on it, a pair of jeans and a black "going out" top with bobbles on it and is as tight as anythign on me.

Luckily i have a uniform for work so i get away with just wearing that as i work my ass off!


can see the end in sight!
It must be spring! I sorted through my clothes yesterday, filled 3 bags with stuff for the charity shop and one bag of stuff for eBay. Most of the eBay stuff still has tags on!!
I didn't actually get rid of anything, only because most of the stuff in my closet is too small for me. When I go through my shirts (next), I'll probably find a few things to toss simply because I don't like them anymore.

But I think that my big clothing dump will be after I've lost the weight.

Of course I'm sure I think I'll find lots of stuff I'll dump even if it fits. I know if I dig long enough, I'll come across that pair of neon pink parachute pants I had back in the 1980's.

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