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SOS ........

I know I have been hiding for the past 3 weeks, I have lost the plot and turned into an Ostrich. I am feeling all those horrible things that I am guessing you can all relate to, the late night yes I can really do it tomorrow determination, followed by the mid morning binge, followed by the afternoon guilt and disgust, followed bu the mid afternoon binge, followed again by the late night determination. I am doing a very good job of ignoring the fact that I am self-sabotaging so am putting it down in writing so I cannot ignore it! I am in serious need of an honest kick up the butt..... SOS!
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Right, do you want me to be cruel?? Coz I cant really do that!!

The only person thats getting the raw deal on this one is you hun, you are making yourself so so so unhappy.

Heres the deal, next time you want to eat something, think about it for a minute, do you want it, can you function without it, and will you lose the weight you want to if you eat it.

Put it down, and walk away for a bit, do something else, clean your teeth, paint your nails, vac up, anything at all.

AFter all, you dont need it, and you would be so much happier of you stick to LL x


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Hi Sappho
I can only agree with the previous post.

I was strangely thinking of you yesterday and wondering why you were so quiet.

You can do this, we know you can and you know you can. Swat that little devil off your shoulder.

Good luck hun.


I'm going to be slim
Good Luck & keep us posted
Hi Sappho
I can only agree with the previous post.

I was strangely thinking of you yesterday and wondering why you were so quiet.

You can do this, we know you can and you know you can. Swat that little devil off your shoulder.

Good luck hun.

Oddly enough Tange - so was I!!

Hey Sappho - sorry to you hear you've come off the rails.

What you need to do, is have a nice long conversation with yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself, directly in the eye - do not avoid eye contact; do not look away. And discuss why you want to lose weight - and why you are not allowing yourself to. Sounds daft, but it can be pretty powerful.

You know, only you can stop yourself from binging. But you first need to know and understand why you are doing it. Then you have to make your mind up to STOP. Right NOW. And make sure you are listening to yourself - and then reach deep down inside you where all your strength is buried - and pull it out. You are as strong as any one of us. We all have it in us to do this. No one stops us but ourselves.

You simply MUST have a louder voice then your inner chatterbox. When it starts babbling, you just talk over it. Talk out loud if you have to. Anything to silence it. The mind controls the addiction, not the body - so you just need to be louder and stronger then your mind.

It can be done - you can do it. Put your heart and soul into it, know its not forever....food will still be there when you are done - you are not losing a friend (and food never really has been our friend though it may have seemed like it once upon a time....but its not. Its just the fuel we need to make our bodys run. Its our petrol. :D) - you are taking care of you. And going after what you want.

Come on girlfriend - prop youself up, and know in your heart only you can make it work or not. And if you truely desire to be successful - then give yourself permission to be, allow yourself to be successful. You deserve it.
Kick up the butt being sent your way ---- you can do this Sappho otherwise you wouldn't have lost what you have already. You are so worth the work and determination that this diet needs - please do this for yourself (((hugs)))
Thanks gals and guys, it was lovely to know that you were thinking of me, I have been wondering bout u too:) I know I need to have that self "talking to" and I know that only I can really do it but I just cant seem to face it. It is driving me mad because I know I want to but it feels like there is this huge wall that I just cant get over.

On the plus side I have got a new puppy so good excuse for walking (and hugs!):)
ooooh, new puppies are the BEST medicine!!

Saphho - do you know what it is thats keeping you from facing it? I'm not asking you to say it here if it is something personal - I am just wondering if you know, or if you are still trying to work that out? Facing demons is scary - but once you do it, it helps so much.

I hope you can find your focus. Know we are here for you. :)

Hi there I am new to these forums, reading your first thread sounded just like me, I really want to do this but keep finding myself in such an awful mood then eat, then half hour later I cry because I cant find anything to wear and end up wearing something my nan would wear and not a 25 year old. Seriously the threads posted on here to you have some excellent inspiration I know just from reading them they have given me inspiration and they weren't even talking to me, I am home all day most days with my beautiful daughter so will be on here to offer support to you and hopefully gain some. I restart LL tomorrow. I have just purchased a Karen Millen dress and hung it up in my bedroom so I remember why 'm doing this. Also Im getting married in 87 days so I'm in desperate need of fast weight loss.
Just think to yourself 'Whats the payoff?'
Thanks BL, I know what my demons are, or rather who my demons are but the little girl who still lurks inside me does not want to go there. Basically I had to look after myself as a child and take on an adult role from an early age so in order to get some of the nurture I craved I turned to food. Even as young as 4 I would binge on food and by the time I was in double figures I was stealing food and eating it in secret to get rid of the hole that I felt inside. I am not apportioning blame and I am not saying it was all bad, I had some lovely times and was a lot better off than a lot of children but that is just how it affected me. I still crave affection and cant bear negativity towards me which is probably why I will never really confront the people involved. Goodness reading this back it sounds really bad but I know my family loves me and it was not anybodies fault, just everyone involved had their own demons to face and I was a bit lost in it all.

Lyndsey - Hi it is good to meet you, thanks for your words of encouragement. It somehow gives me strength to know that other people know EXACTLY how I am feeling. Good luck with your journey and I hope to share it with you x
I understand completely what you are saying Sappho. Just know when you do face those demons, we are all here to prop you up and help you through. I understand how difficult and scary it is - but to do it will be so liberating for you.....it will free you. You will know when the time is right. And we'll be here for you.


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You CAN do it!
Just ask yourself each time you are tempted whether you want to remain fat (and unhappy)or to be slim and happy. You hold the key. You make the choice each time. You decide your destiny (well this piece of it anyway). You CAN do it!

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