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forgive me i am writting this very quickly as need to get kids ready lol x day 4 into ss and i have been feeling really good but today i feel so crap i ache all over and have no energy whatsoever, last night i was freaking out as i had a pain in my chest ( top right side) im so neurotic i was thinking was gonna have a heart attack !! lol ( not heart attack symptoms lol ) just wind as burpin all the time !!!!!!!!! i feel very low today need some cheering up xxxx im the most neurotic person ever and need to know if this is normal before i give up !!!!!!!!!!!!
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ps weighed myself and lost 7lb already is this to much ???
pps also peed on stik yesterday and was dusty pink so i thought i had got over the worst ?? obviously i was wrong lol sorry for bein a pain !
Hi you are doing really well, today is day 6 for me and it was only last night that I actually started to feel good again, keep up the good work and well done for the weight loss.



Loves Porridge

Hang in there Im at day 13, and it does get better, :D the first week is always the toughest but worth it when you step on those scales.

Glad to here the K fairy has arrived, mine was a paler pink colour initally so I checked again a few days later and it was really dark pink even so your still in Ketosis and my CDC said if its your first wee of the day when you test it will be more concentrated!

As for your weight loss well done, 7lbs is great I lost 9lbs in my first week but remember we are all different and when you look at sme of the weight losses in week one they can be 14lbs or more so don't worry it's too much your body will do what it had too,

Hope you have a great day stick with it you're nearly through week 1 :D


Stubborn tortoise
Majola, don't panic... as everyone has said, the first week is tough. You will get through and those aches & pains & ikky feelings will soon fade out! For me, I quickly started to feel alert and energetic and more focused, which was great after feeling exhausted and worn out for so long. 7lbs is a great loss so far... hang on in there honey, it'll be worth it.
thankyou x you made me cry im so touched people actually bother to reply thankyou so much xxxxxxx just got to be strong
Hey hun, sounds to me that you are doing really well. The pink colour on the stick means that you are in Ketosis so you are using up your fat reserves and it is normal to ache as your body is running on its own fuel. It will get easier, believe me.
As for losing 7lbs so far - that is great! not too much at all. You will find that you do not lose every day anyway and it is normal to have a big loss in your first week or 2 as you are also losing water.
We are all here for you so any questions - just shout :)
i also get aches and pains and feel weak, i get a deep ache in my shoulder blades and its horrible but i just put up with it,
well done, your in ketosis and burning fat so the only way is up!! well down actually lol if you know what i mean! ;)
Hiya, i cant say i really noticed any aches and pains myself as i get back ache normally anyway. Congratulations on the weight loss, you might find (if you get weighed each week by your CDC) you've actually lost more than you think. I myself lost 11lb in my first week and have continued to lose since even after having time off over christmas and new year so i would definately stick to it. I tell you the feeling is great when you dont fit into any of your old clothes but because they are too big, NOT too small lol xxx
shelley xxx


Stubborn tortoise
Majola, you made it through the day... well done, & big hugs. Here's to a better, brighter Friday!!! Day by day, it will be easier.

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