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Soup disaster!


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Goodafternoon everyone!

Have just had a total soup disaster in the work kitchen.... How on earth do you make the soups up so that they aren't lumpy / chalky / congealed mess??

I added 150ml water, stirred, microwaved, stirred again, microwaved. And was left with something that resembled a cow pat in a bowl (veg soup). With chalky lumps in it.

Any tips on how to avoid this?! I only like the shakes blended up with loads of ice, so soup seems the way forward for lunchtimes at work. I have a few bars per week too but like something savoury at lunchtime.

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Hi Loula

Sorry to hear you had a disaster with the soup. I don't think the soups are supposed to be microwaved as they lose nutrient value.

Just add boiling water from the kettle. I find the vegetable soup the easiest to dissolve. I usually have it as a cup-a-soup in work at lunchtime, making it with a very small hand whisk. Add a bit of water and whisk to dissolve into smooth paste, then top up with hot water and whisk again.

I find the whisk is much more effective than a fork/spoon. I keep the little whisk and a big mug in my drawer at work so it's always available.

Hope this helps. xx


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Yup, hand blender is the answer £3-£4 cost.

I use ~ 300ml water & blitz in a jug. Makes a nice mug full & smooth & creamy


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Hi loula,

I mix a little cold water in first to make a really think paste mixing with a fork. Then topping up with boiling water to however much I want. I normally have up to 500ml at work as this makes 2 cup fulls and really fills me up. I can't be bothered with my blender at work as it is so noisy!!!

Hope that helps x


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Good advice, I just pour boiling water from the kettle into a jug (at least 7floz of) then pour in the pack and blend with a hand blender. They come out perfectly smooth and no microwave needed.

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I had a little mug with a built in blender - i got it on ebay. never ever shake or stir your soup! or shakes!! lol

Belnders - the way forward. A little hand blender will work too of course, the cup was just very convenient.



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Thanks folks - will try again tomorrow! Gonna check out ebay for the blender/cup thingy BL - sounds good! xx


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I use a stick blender with about 100ml of cold water then just add boiling water from the kettle. Makes it hot yet drinkable! Hope you have more success with future soups as they really are quite lovely!


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