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Soup Recipes Needed!!!

Hi everyone!

I just wondered if anyone has any good soup recipes that are easy to make? I've not made soup before, and I'm looking for some nice soup recipes to warm me up in this cold weather! I really like things like potato & butternut squash soups - something thick and chunky! Preferably Syn free too if poss!

Thanks in advance!

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Butternut squash, leek and spinach soup

Deseed and chop one butternut squash into equalish chunks
Slice 2 leeks
Put the kettle on

Sweat the leeks in a large saucepan with a little frylight and a sprinkle of seasalt. Once softened add the squash, stir then just cover with chicken or vegetable stock made from concentrate, granules or stock cube and water from the kettle. Bring to boil then reduce to simmer for about 20 minutes until the squash is tender. Remove from heat and use a hand blender or liquidiser to blend until smooth. If you like your soups thinner just stir in a little more stock at this stage.

In a medium pan add about one inch of water from the kettle, then put about half a 300g bag of spinach in, sprinkle with salt, clamp on the lid and leave on a medium heat to wilt, about 3 minutes. Drain and squeeze out the liquid from the spinach, chop and add to the soup! Thats IT!! it can be done in under 30 minutes and it freezes well too!

Let me know if you have a go!


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soups are easy, generally the base of all soups can be 1 chopped onion and garlic softened in frylight, add whatever combo of veggies you want, stock cube and water to cover, season and simmer till veg is tender, blitz with hand blender.

good combos
carrot and corriander
leek and potato
broccoli and blue cheese ( use LC blue cheese squares)
tomato and basil
lentil ( carrot celery to the onion base too)
roasted red pepper

you can then add different herbs or curry spices to some, like curried parsnip.
do a google search for soups ( even non SW ones, for ideas of combos. most soups can be SW adapted just by not using oil. for cheese you can use LC triangles/squares and quark/fromage frais added at the end can be used to make a creamy soup.

soups with a 'bean and pulse' base are free on GREEN (& EE with superfree veg added) to make a fillling soup.
most of my recipes (not just soup) are just regular recipes that i have adapted to remove synfull items.
oil for frylight
sugar for sweetner
cream for qaurk/from frais/ yogurt

This is my recipe thread, there are some soups on there too ( with piccys :) )
I have a really nice mushroom soup recipe. Free on all plans.

1 large onion chopped
1-2 cloves Garlic crushed
454g Mushrooms (field, button or wild) chopped
1.5 pints chicken stock
Salt and Pepper to taste
Bouquet garni
142g Very low fat fromage Frais

Put onions, garlic, mushrooms and stock in a large saucepan. Cover and bring to boil, boil for 5 - 10 mins, add salt, pepper and bouquet garni then simmer gently for 15-20 mins. After this time remember to remove the bouquet garni!
Puree in a blender or food processor and return to pan. Stir in fromage frais. Heat through gently. DO NOT boil, it will curdle due to from frais.

I wasn't sure about this soup until I tasted it! It is delicious!

Hope this helps!
I made this Chicken and Celeriac soup yesterday

Half a large celeriac, cut into large cubes
2 or three carrots, cut into small cubes
1 large leek, sliced
half an onion, chopped
a stick of celery, chopped
1 Knorr Vegetable Stockpot

I put all of this into a large pan with some seasoning and covered the vegetables with boiling water.

Then I trimmed the fat off four boneless, skinless chicken thighs and put them on top of the vegetables.

Leave to simmer until the celeriac is nice and soft and the chicken is cooked.

Remove the chicken pieces and put into a bowl - use two forks to shred into small pieces.

Use a hand blender to liquidise the soup to be as smooth or as chunky as you like. Return the shredded chicken, check the seasoning (I like lots of black pepper in this soup), make sure it is all piping hot, and serve.

This is not a precise recipe - you can alter the vegetables to suit your taste and what you have in - the celery went in because I had a little left over and it would have gone to waste otherwise. You don't have to put chicken in it - it would make a lovely soup without any meat.

I had two bowls for dinner on Friday night and two bowls for lunch on Saturday. So there is plenty to share! And it is free on Red or EE (and if you leave out the meat it is free on Green, or you could syn/hex the meat).

Celeriac is a great superfree alternative to potato if you want the soup to be nice and thick when you liquidise it.
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