soup? what do you make it in?


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Hi, usually when I make soup I just use my casserole dish and cover the veg or whatever is in it up with water and leave for a few hours in the oven, probably not the most eco friendly way of doing it but it works for me! Today though I actually followed a recipe (super speed soup) and had to use my HUGE slow cooker, and even then it was really pushing it to actually fit it all in so had to leave my tin of mixed beans out! Just wondered what other people use, as sure my pots and pans are not particularly small?! Mind you I do have 8 days worth of soup sorted in the freezer now :) x
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I do my soups/stews in a large two handled lidded saucepan on the stove.

for casseroles etc, I have various different oven proof dishes, so they go in the oven.

I really want a selection of Le Creuset cookware, but they are hugely expensive. Maybe hubby will treat me one day :p


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i love my slow cooker, i've actually got 2, one for doing soups, and a smaler one for cassoroles and stuff:D


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I just use an ordinary large non-stick saucepan for making soup.

Britmum, have you used Le Creuset? I find they are heavy enough when empty, but almost impossible to lift when full. I gave all mine away years ago.


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I just use the larger of my saucepans. I use the same one for Chilli or boiling potatoes etc. (obviously not at the same time and clean between uses lol).

I have use the Le Creuset pans (my ex insisted on them in her kitchen) but they are rather heavy and over-priced for the average person in my opinion.

I probably don't have sufficient pans/pots for everything I need, but I have a small kitchen - and not sufficient room for a zillion pans.


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My slow cooker is supposed to be a large size but fresh veg are really chunky when raw! I squeeze a load in and then 4 hours later I lift the lid off to find its cooked down to half full!

I usually split big batches between two of my biggest saucepans, no fear of it boiling over then!