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Team 1 all the way!
Eurghhh, I hated the leek and pot soup. I tried the spicy tomato once, but didn't like that either.
In fact at the mo, I pretty much hate everything!
I have just gagged on my porridge. Not going too well and it's only day 2 of restart!
i cant stand the soups can only just about stomach the shakes i've always lived off the porridge and bars, @ the mo its 3 apple and cineman a day until week 3 when i can introduce bars...
if u really dont like them mayb contact ur CDC see if you can pop and swap some i know mine has no problem xx

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I love all the soups but then pre CD i was living on cup a soups at work so it was actually nice to still be able to have soup in a cup at work.
To begin with i thought having a hot choc for brekkie was wrong but now love it.

I didnt get on with the shakes very well at all. Only like the hot choc, choc orange and choc mint.

Everyone is different, i add a it of pepper to the leek and potato soup.... try seasonings to help make them taste better/different.

If you really dont like certain ones, contact your CDC to get them changed.

Im on week 3 and my taste buds have decided they dont like the cappucino so as soon as my CDC is back from hols i'll be changing them for more choc :)

Must go and make my first shake as feels like my tummy is going to growl at me haha

Good luck x


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S: 23st13lb C: 22st11.5lb G: 21st7lb BMI: 45.8 Loss: 1st1.5lb(4.63%)
Luckily I only bought one leek and potato and one spicy tomato as I wasn't sure if I was going to like them as I have never been a mega fan of soup anyway. I might try the tomato one tonight and if I don't like it I have some spare tetras.
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I'm not a fan of the soups - they always turned out like foam when I tried them. The shakes as mousse however I could eat forever!!
I know it's possible to jazz up the soups with allowed flavourings like chilli etc. if that helps


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I started off loving the pot & leek soup, used to have one every lunch time but then I went off them.

I'm back on plan this week to lose my holiday gain and I tried one this week again to see if I liked it, bleeuuuurrrggghhhh, I was nearly sick. I have a really bad gag reflex though. I didn't like the spicy tomato one either.

As for the foamy thing, I think thats my problem with them, having a soup and the consistency of a milkshake really puts me off. Unlike my brother who froths them up as much as possible. Yuk!
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How did you find the spicy tomato one? I have one of these almost daily and adore it, (intend to carry on having even after finished losing!), also love the oriental chilli, which i've noticed does not seem to froth as much. Agree about the cheese+broccoli (which apparently is being withdrawn) and hate porridge too. xx
I was getting on quite well with the soups initially but a lot of them have a very sickly flavour (and the tomato one i find a very sicky flavour -sorry if TMI)
Just the thought of the soups making me feel sick atm.
Only one week 1 of ss so not tried any of the bars yet but hoping in a few weeks time to give them a gooo.
Love the porridge and the fruit/choc shakes are to die for! Try blending with ice - yum!
Can you use the mix-a-mousse from day 1 anyone know?x


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I love soups, but I have to add more than the stated water otherwise they are too thick and gross lol I also cant stand any of the lactose free ones :)
I have chicken and mushroom most days, spicy tomatoe and oriental chilli are also my favourite mmmmm :)

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