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Morning everyone!

I was just wondering what soups everyone likes?
Last time i tried a couple of soups and porridge at the beginning and absolutely hated them so just stuck to the shakes. I'm in the process of using up a few packs from last time and they are all very sweet flavoured shakes. When i go to see my CDC i fancy a change but not sure what soups to choose, so any advice would be great.

Also do any of you use Mix a Mousse? How is that? Does it affect your weight loss in any way?

Many thanks

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HI , I dont mind the soups but much prefer the shakes so stick with them . Everyone likes different soups and may be worth you trying a few every week to see what you like . I find the tatses are ok but hate the slightly powdery consistency .

I used mix a mousse a lot last time i did CD and it is nice , but does take a while to make ( if you want it to not be lumpy ) and as you can only have one or the other .. i need my water flavouring and could not drink my water without it .. so I dont have it now .. is nice to have an 'angel delight ' type pud though :)


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I hate the soups and porridge :(
I manage quite well on my delish "after eights" flavoured shakes (mint choc) twice a day with an orange bar after my little meal at night. Im on the 810 plan and I love it x


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I love the leek and potato - have one every day. Its the only one I like though!


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I hate all the soups, but then I am not a big soup eater normally! The MAM on the other hand I could live on it forever! It is amazing if made properly it feels like such a treat, the first time I did CD I had a MAM for lunch everyday and I still had the water flavour. Didn't do anything to my loss, but CD doesn't advise it :) If you want to know how to make and amazing mousse give me a shout xx
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The chicken and mushroom tastes like cup a soup. I like the spicy tomato and have that if i am eating with other people but you have to make it into a cold paste first and then blend in the hot water or else it can taste a bit sour. I much prefer the choc and vanilla shakes and make them up with coffee and/or ice and extra water so i get a pint


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I love all the soups, hate all the ready made shakes and sachet shakes apart from the choc mint one, which I could live on.
owever, re the choc mint.... I am doing ss+ which allows you a bit of milk and I use the milk to make the shake as I think they taste awful made with water.
It all boils down to just experimenting with what soups and shakes you like.
My CDC was very nice and allowed me to pop back a couple fo days later and exchange the sachets I had bought of things I discovered I didn't like for ones that I did like. I was back twice that first week to change things but now I know what I like and it's no problem.
Good luck!


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My favourite soups are the chicken and mushroom flavour and the oriental chilli flavour.


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I love the apple and cinnamon porridge and the leek and potato and chicken and mushroom soups.
Infact I've liked everything so far, my CDC was ace though, she made up a few shakes for me to try and let me try all of the tetras before I bought anything. Didn't like the banana tetra!!xx


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I quite like the chicken and mushroom, don't mind the spicy tomato. Not sure on the others though i got a veggie one this week to try i'm just hoping it's nice :)


Is determined!
I guess its all down to personal choice then! I cant remember what soups i tried last time, but maybe my cdc will have it on record. Def going to get mix a mousse to try, so yes any tips on making it would be great!
Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer!

Hope you've all had a good day! My mums got my little boy for an hour so im putting my feet up, watching a bit of trashy tv, with a vanilla shake! Happy days!
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Last year I lost nearly 5 stone and all I had was the Chocolate shake.....lol. This time I am having a bit of variety, whereas last year I hated the porridge and soups, I dont mind them this time. I like chicken and mushroom, leek and potato and Chilli soup.


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Hiya, I love the Potato and Leek and Veg Soups, especially now that winter is upon us. I also love the Tetras and choc mint shakes. The mix-a-mousse is absolutely fantastic too (esp with the choc mint shakes!) Yum. I've just made myself hungry,so off to have my pot and leek soup. :D

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