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I tried the soups in my first week and hated them all - (especially brocolli and cheese - what's that all about!!!!) I've survived quite happily on shakes ever since x

Corinne x
i just tried a veg soup from cd and god its vile:sign0137:
i hope the leek or chicken isnt that bad,, i just couldnt stomach the veg 1 AT ALL.....

think i'll stick to shakes!
I have to disagree lol iam in my 2nd day of ss on cd and the vegetable soup is lush! av just tried my first sachet! however i do agree on the comments about cheese and brocolli,:jelous: have u tried mushroom and chicken also lushxxx
The spicy tomatoe one is fab, I honestly enjoyed it. I haven' tried the other ones, although I haven't heard good things about the cheese and broc!
Copied from a post by C.J. in 2006 .....


Ingredients :
1 VLCD Savoury Pack
Tabasco Red (Optional)
Black Pepper (Optional)

Utensils :
Baking parchment
Small Spoon

Method :
1. Assemble the ingredients and utensils.
2. Put all the ingredients into a bowl.
3. Open the tap to more than a trickle but not full flow.
4. Add some water to the bowl and stir vigorously.
5. Keep stirring until the mixture is like puree.
6. The consistency should finally be like this.
7. Take the parchment and using the spoon put a little blob on mixture on the paper.
8. Evenly space out other mixture around the parchment paper.
9. Microwave for 1 minute 25 seconds in a 900 watt microwave (adjust for your microwave)
10. Allow them to cool before removing from the parchment.
11. Repeat until all mixture is used up. You should be able to make a minimum of 30 crisps from a pack.

Good luck ;)
The spicy tomatoe one is fab, I honestly enjoyed it. I haven' tried the other ones, although I haven't heard good things about the cheese and broc!
The Spicy Tomato one is the only one both my hubby and I agree is absolutely disgusting! I thought I was going to be sick after a mug of it :jelous:
I don't like the soups either, wish I did really but plod along quite happily on banana, choc mint and bars, lol!


Skinny minny to be!!
I havent tried the broccolli soup... too afraid to after the comments! Havent seen one post where someone likes it.

I love the veggie, mushroom, chick&mushroom soup especially with a bit of black pepper. I go through stages of loving and hating the leek&pot and the tomatoe soup.

I dont get any of the shakes... very sweet although I did like the chocolate flavour one.

Now I get:
7 chocolate tetras
2cran / 2toffee / 2choc / 1orangechoc bars
2 chick&mush, 2veg , 2mush soup


I don't like the soups either, they have such a strong almost rancid aftertaste and seem to coat your tongue. Ick!

Shame really as it'd be nice to have something savoury for dinner.

I love the veg, dont mind chick n mush or chilli, and .............. I dont mind the cheese n broc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, Leek and Pot, and Tomato, VILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i only like veg soup and the leek and potato soup. hate chilli, even tried making crisps out of them and it was foul. cheese and brocolli is disgusting. tomato i can take it or leave it, no strong opinions there. haven't tried mushroom yet. am veggie so no chicken soup for me.

i have to make the soup with just off the boil water otherwise they are rank.


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I like most of the soups but most are very thick so i make a couple of crisps and have them with a thinner soup. I mix to a thick paste with cold water, spread on non-stick parchment and microwave until firm/light brown in places - you have to watch them depending on your microwave.
I find the broccolli and cheese tastes like seaweed/perfume - ugh!
I had a week where I couldn't stomach the thought of another soup but i got past that and usually get 1 of each so theres always something different.


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