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Mrs B

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I tried the soups the first couple of weeks on Cambridge and hated the texture. i have a few at home as I occasionally make crisps. But it is freezing here and I'd really, really love a soup.

Has anyone changed their minds about the soup? I've been on Cambridge since January and I know my other tastes are changing I'm just a bit worried about trying them again as I really did not like them.
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hey well i go through weeks of disliking soups then weeks of disliking the shakes!!

have you perhaps tryed making a soup thicker? or runnier? i prefer my soups thick, and sometimes runnier..

if you dont like them then what about making your shakes warmer?
Have you tried to make the soups as per the instructions on one of the sticky's at the top? I find it makes it really much better, you get no lumps and it isn't too thick or runny. Try that and see if it helps? I think it is in the sticky on how to cook your foodpacks :D


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the only soup i can eat is the spicy tomato, absolutely love it...

i love the choc mint warm tho


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Hi MrsB I've had a complete turn around on the soups in the past 2 weeks - not all the flavours though, mind, but i've even had the Cheese & Broccoli recently & found it ok ;)

The Spicy Tomato is still my soup of choice though (oh & i add some psyllium husks to my soups which greatly improves the texture i find)
I have chicken and mushroom just for those days I feel down and it makes me feel like I am having real food :)

Cappuccino shake is lovely hot


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Have you tried marigold boullion?
you can have one cup a day as its the same as the veg water flavouring just much cheaper!
It makes a sort of cupa soup and is really tasty plus you get to have it in addition to your shakes

Mrs B

Silver Member
Oh great ideas everyone. I will try the recipe although I've never found the soups lumpy just "gritty". I've also realised that as I am on 790 I could make some - very nearly - real soup with bouillon, chicken and brocolli mmmmm.

Would you believe it is much warmer today though, lol.
hi mrs b dont no about the soup i tryed them once and gagged had to spit it out ((( but while im here where do you buy the parchment paper to make teh crisps i would love some but dont no how to make them or where to buy parchment paper

Mrs B

Silver Member
nightnight, you will get parchment paper/baking parchment in any supermarket. It will be beside the greaseproof paper and other baking stuff.

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