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Hey everyone. i have transferred this from cd thread incase anyone misses it there!!!
please feel free to add urself if you would like to come along on either here or cd thread and watch this space.

the list is getting longer, yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
looks like it will be a goodun!

So the plan is as follows, (so far)

Sat Jan 27th 07
Meet 3pm at Gunwharf Quays (exact destination to be confirmed later this week) and then to boogie the night away, seemingly at tiger tiger, although it has been mentioned flares as a possibility,

Russian doll, as you have been on a meet b4 and have visited both flares and tiger tiger which would you recommend?

The list so far is as follows, please confirm your interest


I make that 17, wow, amazing,

anyone else who is interested is more than welcome to come along to

i will have a word with rd as a local girl and confirm things really soon.

thanks y'all

lynjo x

looking more like tiger tiger by the minute

So sorry you won't be able to make it I'lldoit. Hope things are OK with you.

Take care, and Merry Christmas.
Just thought I'd resurrect this thread as it's coming up to the beginning of Jan and so there are only 30 days until we're supposed to be meeting.

Is the organiser Lynjo about? Is the meet still 'on'??
i hope so, Debbie, my room is booked & i'm looking forward to it. It's keeping me going so i don't come as a fraud fallen by the wayside !!
Have we decided on a nightclub? Are we going with Tigertiger? If so, do you want me to ring them and reserve a seating area?
Debbie, i think its a good idea, so for me its a yes book it , but guess you should get the ok from the others as well !:D
I am easy (oo er) and will go with the flow as it were.

Any more arrangements been finalised yet, as to where and when we meet?
As fas as I can remember, we were going to meet in the foyer of the hotel but I can't remember if we said a time ... we really need Lynjo to step in .... LYNJO WHERE ARE YOU :)
As I said, I can't remember the details but am happy to go along with what everyone wants (I've got the least distance to travel after all :) )
Sorry everyone, i have let things slip by the wayside a little bit what with crimbo and all that and its a very busy time of year right now i have to say...anyway. i have bumped up the other post for everyone to re-add their name or delete or for new folk to add.
RD yes please ,if you could ask you to book a seating area that would be fantastic, thank you
I think the general feel was 3pm meet so we shall stick with that, in the foyer of Holiday Express Hotel. I believe we will meet with our own made stickies to identify ourselves and as a general ice breaker. Tiger Tiger is the plan of action for the evening complete with seating area thanks to RD.
I am a bit rushed at the moment but tonite will update completely with full details.

thanks guys and sorry for the absence

Ok peeps
I have booked 'The Booth' at TigerTiger for Jan 27th - we are now officially on the guest list!

It seats about 20 but we can't 'take possession' until 9.30pm. That's fine though because it's free before 10pm! We can still have a drink before then or visit another bar etc before that time but we mustn't arrive AFTER 9.30 because if they think we aren't taking it, they will let someone else use it.

I've been warned that the seating itself is in the bar area and this gets pretty packed on a Saturday night. I've never been to TigerTiger so I don't know the layout but I expect it's pretty easy to get to the dance-floor from the bar (can anyone throw any light on this?) Even if we have to walk to a different area to dance, it'll be nice to have a 'base' and somewhere to sit.

Now I've just got to work like mad to lose the weight gained from all the excesses of Christmas!
Thanks Debbie for making the arrangements.

Really looking forward to meeting all of you at 3pm.

Is it in the foyer of the Holiday Inn? Hope so, cos that's where I am staying!

Getting excited now!
Yes cheryl: The Holiday Inn at Gunwharf itself. :) (Hope it has a foyer!! lol)
Thought this might help any of you that might be eating or drinking in Tiger Tiger

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Hope you all have a great time

Kitty xxx
Is this meeting still on?? What hotel are you all staying at?? And what does the latest list of attendees look like?!?!
hi Karen
yes this is still happening, the official thread is on the Cambridge forum,
there was about 17 of us going, not sure what the latest no is
staying at Holiday inn Gunwharf Quay
r u thinking of coming ?