SOW basket


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Reading another thread got me thinking.............

What is in your classes SOW basket? Ours can include anything! Usually lots of supernoodles, savoury rice, pasta and sauce, tinned veg, drinks, yogurts, cereal bars, squash, tuna, mackerel, etc, etc, oh, and some fruit :D

I've heard some talk of the fruit basket in their class and wondered whether my class was unusual in the variety of stuff?
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Ours is normally a bowl of fruit xx

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Yes, yours is unusual! The majority of ours is fruit and the occasional hi-fi bar/noodlepack. My first class 6 years ago used to have your sort of mix but this new one might just be mean!


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Ours generally consists on fruit, but people are welcome to chuck anything free/healthy extra in! I sometimes put an Alpen Light bar or a Mugshots in! Our consultant told the new members it's a fruit basket, but I think it's' because it's easier/cheaper to pop a piece of fruit from home into your bag to take to class rather than feeling you should put something pricier/more interesting in and then forgetting so the result is a basket with hardly anything in it!!


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Ours is a mix like yours. Tins, fruit, packets etc. :)


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Bowl of fruit for SOW and healthy / free foods for the raffle x

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We have ingredients for a specifi recipe for our raffle. The SWC always asks how it tasted the following week!
I'd prefer more variety than just fruit as I can't get through 30/40 pieces of fruit before it all goes off!


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I've won twice and had all sorts, but mostly lots of fruit! IT all goes off before I can eat it as it's usually lots of apples, which I don't eat often. I've had baked beans, mugshots, supernoodles, rice, passata, tomatoes and once someone put in a dairylea tub :eek: Good job I have a 2 year old to eat that!

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Ours is a mix and some weeks there is very little. We had no raffle, but when the new temp C came she mentioned something about having a raffle so not sure what it will be.


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We get fruit and alpen bars usually!


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Our raffle prize varies from week to week. Our SWC gives an envelope of money to anyone who wants to take it. They then use the money to buy whatever they want. Some weeks it has been a basket of ingredients to make a recipe (with recipe included!), another week it was some kitchen equipment that had been a bargain, another week it was a huge mug with coffee beans inside. Over Christmas our consultant didn't want to put anyone out by having to go buy something, so for those 2 weeks the prize was a free week!


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i ended up with ours last week
i got 6 tangerines, 1 grapefruit, tin of sardines, bachelors pasta thingy

which i was happy with as i since bought more of the bachelors pasta as i really liked it


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our fruit basket seems to go out the door one week and back in the next. The week I won it recently it had a very ripe banana, two crinkled skin apples, two baggy satsumas and a fabolous fresh melon. Guess what went straight in the compost !!


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ours is very similar to yours cougar but last week there was a lottery ticket slipped in !
We have fruit and sometimes vegetables, and loads of other things as well. There's always someone who forgot and dashes over to the "shop" table to buy some HiFi Bars so they can pop one into the basket.

One week, someone put in a bunch of daffodils, which we all thought was a lovely idea.

I always have some Hartleys sugar-free jelly sachets in the cupboard, so if I don't have any fruit to spare I will take a couple of those.


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We also have a very mixed slimmer of the week basket. It usually includes fruit, veggies, low syn snacks and tinned foods. We had a lady who used to put in a muller light every week! I think it is great to have such a mix, I try to put in something different every week.


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ours is always fruit with an occasional HI fi. and our raffle is always a veg box, which I have to say I dont mind as it comes in useful and is a motivator to eat more veg.


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Ours is varied when people contribute, there seems to be a few people that only put in when they feel as though they are in with a chance of getting it which annoys me. The most practical item that someones put in is a set of measuring spoons from Ikea good idea and very useful.


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Ours is fruit, i'm not a big fruit eater so would prefer a mixed bag of something else, I have won SOW a few times recently :eek: :eek: but hubby and kids eat all the fruit, veg would better for me :D

Won the raffle tonight and got all the ingredients for the SW quiche.