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Soy Milk and Wholemeal Bread

Soy Milk:

I searched the forum but can't find any matches due to my search term not being enough characters! Apologies if this has been discussed before.

What is the policy regarding soy milk on the diet?

I looked in the book but there is no mention of it.

Wholemeal Bread:

Looking at the introduction of wholemeal bread during the conso phase, I was wondering as to the possibility of wholemeal tortilla bread being suitable as opposed to regular bread?


Thanks everyone!
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Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Brownie:

Soya Milk is a 'tolerated' item, for one portion you're allowed 150ml per day.
This is the (french) list I refer to:
Tous les aliments Dukan autorisés, interdits, tolérés et les adjuvants pour cuisiner - Recettes Dukan pour le Régime Dukan

Wholemeal bread/tortillas. Yes I did have them after a while in Conso - I weighed first to check they were 60gr or less though. Might be worth also checking the fat content compared to 'normal' bread and introduce them gradually if there is a significant difference.
Ditto for Wholemeal Pittas and so on. But of course, they make life a bit more interesting.
Duh on me for my Americanised spelling of Soya - maybe that's why I didn't get any matches!

Thank you :)

I just started to wonder if I'm lactose intolerant or something as since I cut back on dairy, any time I reintroduce it, it gives me a lot of problems!

I'm not on conso yet but had just started thinking about the possibilities - never been a fan of bread but saw the tortillas on offer in Tesco and started thinking conso... bread... cheese... quesadilla!

I may trial that for a couple of days.
It's only this last lb to go now though and it's getting old!

I had virtually cut all dairy out (save a spoon of fromage frais for my galette) but ended up having quite a bit on the weekend, still within the allowance though, but all week I seem to have been paying for it.

Anyway thanks for the response ladies :)
Soya milk is higher fat, about 4% so probably why its tolerated rather than 'okay'.
A good thing to try as you're heading into conso though.

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