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Spark Of Lightning! - My Diary

Well after a nice member of this forum advised me to start a diary on here I decided to give it ago :)

Todays really the day before the start of my new slimming life, I'm not sure what to expect or what will come of it but I have an idea of what I would like.

My moods abit on the downside today, Not really feeling very positive but I have decided to have a nice hot bath, climb into bed and put a Lavander and Lemon Yankee Candle Melt on which should go in the direction of making me feel better.

Got work in the morning which to some extent I am looking forward to, I work as a Carer in a Residential Home so it's pretty much like a workout while I work lol.

Luckly I have Sunday off to recover haha, But I am seeing some family on Sunday which I haven't seen in a long time so kinda nervous and yet very excited :)

My weight at the moment is 213.4 and my Goal weight is 165.0, But my first Mini Goal is 210.0 then 205.0 and so on :)

Won't be as scary if I set myself small goals :)

I have a Wii fit+, Biggest Loser Wii and a Stepper Machine so I'm all set for equipment at home, I'm on my feet 90% of the day at work so thats a bonus I just need to be carful what I eat/drink as I've been a sucker for fizzy pop at work mainly Pepsi as it's always on offer....

But I will stick with fruit teas, dilute juice and water!
I must admit I do like Fruit Tea alot so in theory I could make some, let it cool and waalaa lovely tasteing juice for me!

I will avoid the deserts at work bigtime as they tend to be VERY sugar heavy! and I will not snack during the day, Just have my set meals and I was told not to eat after 8pm which I intend to stick to!

If I get that hungry after 8 surely a cuppa soup will be fine til breakfast!

As for Breakfast I will no longer skip it, I bought some porridge today and I do love porridge I just never had it in, I also prefer to make it with water so thats a bonus, maybe a small spoon of honey for sweetness or small amount of sugar, half a small spoon maybe?

Anyway I will update this tomorrow when I get home from work.

Feeling much better for writing this :)
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Hello and welcome to the diary world :)
Writing a diary really helps me stay focused, wish I had done it before on one of my countless diets :rolleyes:

You are making some really good decisions there, and being motivated is half the battle. For hunger pangs at night, I would imagine a cup a soup would be okay, or a bowl of cereal, fresh fruit sald prepared and 'waiting in the fridge' for emergencies!

You will find lots of friendly support and advice on here, I look forward to reading your diary, good luck and have a lovely weekend :)
Hi Lightning86

How are you? I started a diary too but broke my healthy eating plan so much that I gave it up - I was too ashamed to post it! I don't think people want read how many twix bars I ate or what a pig I was with half a pack of digestives! At the moment I'm battling a binge habit but have done ok today. I think I will copy you and have a blob or two of porridge now before I find something sweet and unhealthy :)

Best of luck Pomooky XX
Ok so I haven't posted daily like I'd like to but things have taken up my time and I haven't really had chance to get online.

Checked my weight today around 11am and!!!! 203.4Lbs! I'm feeling quite good about my loss thats 10lbs down :)

I've also routed my eatting problem down to bordem eatting!
So I am trying to do things to cut down bordem, Playing Video Games, Walking, Reading etc and it really seems to stop the cravings of wanting naughty foods!

Every now and again I still have a treat but not regular :)

Also started to pamper myself a bit, I am currently typing this while wearing a face mask lol!

I've also started dating someone, Not putting too much into it at the moment as it's still very new and I don't wanna build my hopes up but I'm staying positive about the future.

I have had some pizza to eat today but again that was a treat not a common thing :)

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