sparking water


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Sparkling water is fine, that's what I drink. I just fill my trolley with loads of supermarket own brand as I can't stand still water.

With regards to Dr Pepper Zero and Coke Zero the offical answer is no but many do have it and have not suffered but it does affect some.


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I don't do tap water (don't I sound to posh for my own good!:D), I only ever have sparkling water (hubby in kitchen pouring me we as I type!;)).
You can buy 2lt bottles in tescos for 15p each, and it's also a great way to know exactly how much you have drunk in a day!


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I'm the same, struggle with still water and stick to fizzy. Someone told me it can affect weight loss, but I've been ok so far.


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yuk, i cant stand sparkling water .lol. funny how every1s tastes are different.xx


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I find it much easier to drink that still water. I don't mind hot water, especially now it is getting cold or peppermint tea is nice too.

I hope it doesn't affect weightloss!



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i have peppermint tea.x


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I thought I'd let you all know that sparkling water gives me wind lmao.. sorry if the is tmi but it stops me from drinking it!!! I do love it though especially with the flavourings in..

Sarah x


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thanks for comments i carry on drinking sparking water as to me its a subistute to fizzy pop and gives me the same buzz as coke lol


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yuk, i cant stand sparkling water .lol. funny how every1s tastes are different.xx

I know what you mean, I hate it too


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It is allowed, but I have heard of one person on here who had disappointing losses until she switched back to plain water and then the weight just fell off, so keep an eye on it.


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will try sparling water for a week and then next week stick to plain water and see if that makes any difference to my weight loss the cheapest sparkling water ive brought is from sainsbury its only 15p for 2 litres compared to the standard shop ones that cost around 79p


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I drink both, but find I can drink gallons of tap if it is room temperature :)


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Fizzy water is fine zero rated drinks are not they will contain stuff even if they say not.
I had great weightloss with fizzy water and my OH and clients have had too.
Good luck