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sparkling water??

Thanks mark! I am addicted to sparkling water so would hate to have to give it up! thats good to knowabout the caffeiene free diet coke too.....will have to buy some lol xx

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
just to doom and gloom it a tiny little weeny bit..
Just to be careful with anything in a bottle.. like the coke, as if it contains citric acid, it can kick some people out of ketosis.. Coke Zero is fine. As are those that use maltric acid? i think.

Fizzy water should be fine :D just my own tummy doesnt like the bubbles and fizz with nothing inside it hehe


To quote the wise and very helpful Miss Demeanour
black tea, black coffee, green tea, water, spring water, herbal (not fruity) teas, no squash, and definitely no orange juice! (it will have a fructose content).

Some of the other VLCD suppliers do compatible flavourings for water - I'm looking into investing in some.

IF you're desperate, the following are just about compatible with ketosis, anecdotally:- Coke Zero (although not diet coke), Perfectly Clear (only the strawberry and kiwi flavour) and Dr Pepper Zero, allegedly. Basically, diet fizzy pop without citric acid in. (Coke zero has phosphoric acid).

Although fizzy pop on a practically permanently empty stomach is not entirely recommended...
Hi Short, I have been drinking caffeine free diet coke since the beginning at it has not afftected me at all. I am in ketosis and have stayed in ketosis.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Yeah I think it can kick some people out.. I believe it doesn't cause everyone to have an issue, especially those who are quite established in their ketosis.:D but a point worth remembering.

And it might not be too bigger an issue for the most part :D I mean we will still all lose weight on this diet, ketosis or not.. it is just ketosis can make it more bearable :D

There you see, i know so little. To be honest I have little idea of how ketosis works. All I know is that I pee on a stick, it shows me I am in ketosis and I know it is the body using the fat reserves, other than that I have no idea of what kicks us out or what affects it. I don't care to be honest as I have no plan to cheat on this diet until I get to my target

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
heheh that's the spirit mister M.

I think.. think think.. that ketosis has a a wonderful side affect, alongside the fat burning, in that it creates a feeling of well being, energy and lessens hunger pangs, or the feeling of hunger... I have been a very very very very very good Short and Dumpy one.. but I don't feel any of those hehhe.. I need some sticks to wee on ;)

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