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Special K

From one extreme to the other... I wanted to shift some weight fairly quickly and started the lipotrim diet which after to days I had to admit defeat. I couldnt stomach the shakes and on the second day was throwing them back up...

So I've decided to go for a tamer approach and do the special k diet... Therefore I wont miss eating (tho I will miss the odd treat) and hopefully can shift a few pounds a week.
I've been drinking lots of water and snacking on fruit and having salad in the evening while doing 30 mins on a crosstrainer...
Going to have my first weigh in tomorrow.

Just wondering if there was anyone doing the Special K diet or any who have tried it previously...

I'm not feeling very confident about shifting anything at the moment but maybe just need to have some will power!

Emma xx
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well done!!

Didnt want to ignore you.

I havent done this but I do know of eople who have done it leading up to holidays etc and done really well.

Keep going and keep us posted.

x x x
Hi guys! Havent been on in a while.
Stopped & started the SK diet, now I'm back on it for the long haul. Started it begnining of Jan and have lost about 5lbs, Slow process but bareable.
I have a small question. I weighed myself last evening and my BMI had gone down from 22.15 to 22.00 so not a full 1lb, maybe half. Then I weighed myself again this morning and it had shot up to over 23??? How has this happened. How did I put that much weight on overnight. I hope this is a mistake, like didnt go loo or somthing.
Just needing a bit of support as feel a bit defeated atm.
Hope everyones weight loss has been doing well since I last logged in :)



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C: 7st9lb BMI: 19.6
Oh Emma, don't worry. It happens all the time to me as well;)

Our weight naturally fluctuate around 5 pounds during the day, because of food, liquids retention, period coming, exercise (after exercise the muscles are a bit heavier because of tension), going to the loo, etc, etc.

That's why it's very important to weight always at the same time of the day. In my case I only count the morning weight, atfer going to the loo and before eating because that's when we tend to weight less :p

Hi Guys... I have been doing really well on my diet. Have been sticking to it constantly. Although I sometimes let myself have a little treat on the weekend. I also gave up bread and chocolate (including biscuits, cake etc) for lent & it seems to have gone in my favor.
It total I have now lost 9lbs. Which doesnt sound a lot compared to what some of you have lost on this forum but I am so pleased. I am currently at the weight I was when I last started dieting... This is the lowest I have ever got down to but this time I will carry on losing weight!
If I'm honest I havent seen much change in my body which is a little dissapointing. I'm hoping I will see some difference soon. I really want to lose some weight off my thighs, thats my main goal. Although my tummy is looking a lot flatter and more toned so I'm not complaining.
I hope you're all doing well on your diets too. Let me know how you're doing and maybe swap tips. xx


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C: 7st9lb BMI: 19.6
Hello Emma:)

Congrats for sticking to diet and lose 9 pounds;)

By the way, some people do the special K diet in different ways; some just eat iy for breakfast and lunch; others for breakfast and tea/dinner... Wich is the approach to SK diet that you follow?

I dont quite do it the recommended way. I have bowl for lunch (I hate eating in the morning) and I usually have a weight watchers ready meal for dinner. Although I know you are suposed to have 2 bowls a day, they are suposed to be 2 very small portions so I just have a large one for lunch while at work.
A lot of people have said this is not enough to eat for a whole day, although I know this is true, I dont feel hungry anymore, I'm satisfied with my 2 meals a day... I broke my lent on the weekend tho *slaps wrists* couldnt eat soup without bread now could i :rolleyes:

Put on a lb this week. But i was over the moon with that coz I had a hen party the weekend and really was a little piggy. I'll get rid of that by the end of the week. xx


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C: 7st9lb BMI: 19.6
Do you only eat 2 meals a day? Well, sometimes I only eat three, but two is very rare, actually I even have snacks during the afternoon:p
Anyway, if that works for you it is all that matters;)

How far are you from your goal?


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