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hoping for a good loss
Hello lovely people. Well I am currently at work (is 2am) and really looking forward to 8am and my bed.

Not had a good week so far, am trying really hard but will power is a little naff, Lets hope a scare on the scales will help me overcome this.

Have a good day ladies (and gents). Will enjoy my sleep

Charlie xx


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morning going for a long walk today with dh but he's taking a flask of soup (so we don't need to stop at a pub for food) and I'm taking a bar. Had a bad week cd wise last week, need to put it behindme and get back on track
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Me too Trisha, totm coupled with a row with the hubby meant a really bad week.... too many blips!!!

Back on track yesterday, determined to re-focus my anger on getting this weight off, i have a weekend away at the beginning of march and i'm determined to be at goal or below by then.

Have a great and successful day all xxx
morning everyone....well i've been up since 7.45am had my porridge and got the chicken in the oven and veg in the steamer ready for later. nothing has past my lips that shouldn't of. i even stood with my other half in KFC yesterday, nearly bit his head of when he asked what i wanted. scales don't look much different though :-( but i know i feel lighter in myself and clothes fit better. beed good everyone and keep glugging the water. (hey that veg soup thing in the tub is gorge, just got sum last week)
Just decided to go to Wigan and it's just started raining (typical) - might still nip in though. Got loads of housework to do but I'm happily pretending that I've not - living in a bubble :)

Dietwise still plodding on and all going well, 3 weeks down tomorrow - weeks are flying by!

Hope everyone has a lovely restful Sunday


Slimming down the aisle
Morning ladies, glad to hear that you're all putting those bad times behind you and moving forward, it's the only way! BB hope you have a great time at the theatre tonight.

Yesterday was my first day back on CD after my few day blip, managed to get through it 100%, hopefully it'll be the same today. I weighed myself this morning and it seems that what I put on is pretty much off now, bar about 0.4lbs, so happy with that.

I'm going to have a housework day today I think. My bedroom really needs sorting out, there's bits of clothes lying everywhere! They're in neat little piles, but still need sorting. I do feel like having a stay in my PJs day today, they're warm, and this house is cold! Right well I'm going to go and put on a load of washing I think. Will be on and off today no doubt trying to fight off the food monsters!


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Hi everyone.

Today is my restart after a blip (I needed to eat to take some medication but I didn't need to eat quite as much as I did...) I had my weigh in on Friday and despite that I still lost 11lbs in the first week so to say I'm happy is an understatement.

To keep myself motivated I bought a few pairs of trousers and a dress in Monsoon yesterday for 70% off. I can't quite fit into them yet but hopefully by the end of Feb I'll be there... Gonna pop out to the Trafford Centre for a browse.

Question for those that have lost lots of weight - did your feet shrink?


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, your feet do shrink! I've gone down a size. I used to be an 8, I'm now a 7, sometimes a 6. It's because you're losing fat from the top of your feet and the back of your heels, not a lot, but then there's not a lot between sizes :)

My shoes were basically falling off and I went in to a shoe store and asked to have my feet measured and she thought I was crazy! Said surely at my age I should know my shoe size lol
Hi Ladies --

Afternoon now. Been up, just not online. Not feeling as if I have had the best week regarding CD, and I'll know more when I weigh on Tuesday. I need to refocus, too.

Spent three hours at the hospital yesterday visiting our friend who was in a horrific car accident on Christmas Eve in Kosovo, he was moved to Germany and had several surgeries inclusing nearly fatal post-operative complications, and has been critical for a month now. He was moved to the UK on Thursday and is in the critical care unit. His poor 18 year old daughter is literally living at the hospital (the mother the ex-wife died two years ago). So, I will be going back today and probably almost every day to support her and our friend. It was so good to see him, esp. once I realised that he was "in there" and figured out what he was mouthing part of the time (he is on a vent)... but seeing someone you know and care about in that condition is very hard. It really makes my problems seem insignificant.

I hope everyone has a good day... mine's been okay so far (not productive, though). I've not started on my water (coffe queen that I am) but I just mixed up my flavouring and will fill my 6 -- 500 ml bottles and be certain to have one at hand all day so that I get my 3 litres consumed.

I hope everyone has a Special Sunday.

Good afternoon

Hope everyone is well, just having a porridge and black coffee for lunch, then I am heading out to the matinee show.
Yesterday just felt like a hungry day- I ended up having a strawberry shake at 1pm as my first pack of the day but then I had a lie-in so I haven't felt as if I missed a breakfast.

Catch up later, x
Hi BB -- I make terrible typos, but I just click the edit button and fix them. Then I usually post typos in the "reason" box.

Have a great day out. I'll be hanging at the hospital with my friend's daughter, but I'm glad that I am able to do this for them... no one is making me, I want to do this.



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MM, what a horrible thing, I hope that he shows real improvement soon. I can't imagine how that must feel for his daughter being so young. It's great that she has you there to support her.
Thanks CG -- I need to be careful though. I really want to "mother" her, but the best thing I can do is assist her in "growing up". I am going to get her going on getting her drivers' license (she'll need it no matter what happens) and her education back on track.



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Sounds like a good idea. She's lucky to have your support, and I'm sure she really appreciates it.
CG -- She does seem very appreciative of everything so many people have done, are doing, plan to do, etc. But, it is going to be ever so difficult for her no matter what the outcome. (And her brother, as well -- but he seems a lot less invested. That may just be the 17 year old male thing.)



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What are the doctors saying about her Dad? Is a recovery likely?
They can't say -- he is very bad and nearly died several times. He had a torn aeorta, which they repaired, two broken legs, a head injury, a tear in his intestines that was missed and lead to sepsis and multi-organ failure -- he shockingly survived that but his abdominal cavity is literally open and covered with clear bandage so it can be observed -- it is so hard to see. So, he is not out of the woods yet, but he has regained conciousness but is kept in a haze of morephine (he is in agony), he is on a vent, etc. I hoping for the best -- and doing what I can for her (and, thus, him).



Slimming down the aisle
Sounds terrible. I really hope he pulls through ok.

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