Speed food effects


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me too!

I made a huge batch of this on saturday and even had a bowl for breakfast, I try to put extra superfree in. I had a bowl for breakfast with a homemade egg 'mc muffin' SW stylie. Then a chunky bowl of speed soup for lunch and i've just had some rice with all sorts of veg mixed in and some rocket salad and turkey. I'm stuffed, literally!

I do hope it helps!
Lets hope we get some feedback.

I made a batch the first week I went to class and lost 2 pounds, last week only 1 pound. I've been doing it online since before xmas, but decided to join a class in the new year.
Fingers crossed :)


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It probably will have the effect of losing weight but be careful you don't get bored with having the same thing over and over again. That could lead to you feeling dissatisfied and crave other things...things you can munch on...like sweets, biscuits etc.

I love soup and making huge pots of it but I usually freeze it and take it to work once or twice per week for lunch. Even though I love my own soups I don't think I could eat them every single day.

The beauty of SW is that there are lots and lots of different free foods including superfree that you can have and still get decent losses. SW is really about a change of lifestyle and eating habits and not meant for a quick fix.

Good luck on your weight loss journey. :)


I make different batches of soup or veg stew with new flavours every week, not to speed my loss. Just to help those times when you get in from work and haven't been shopping. The kids love them too!! I've always liked soups because they're packed full of nutrients and no bad stuff. Can't stand tinned soup anymore it atually makes me gag (I sware I can taste the tin lol).
Wasn't hoping for some sensational loss but i've been hovering over the 15 stone mark since before xmas so hoping to move into the 14's.
I find the soup stops me snacking, luckily I don't have a sweet tooth so no fears of munching on the biscuits ;-) It's bread that was my weekness but for weeks now I have had many days each week with no bread at all.
Love SW for the freedom it's given me to eat without the guilt! For years i suffered with Bulimia Nervosa (from 17 yrs old).
For now i'll keep slurrrping my home made soups and hope each week it gradually comes off.


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I tend to have soup of some kind every evening. Sometimes it's all I need, sometimes it serves as a starter. I vary the soups and the dishes that follow and that way I don't get bored. I should add that I eat my main meal at lunchtime, which I also believe is better for me personally, in that I work it off in the afternoon/evening, as that's when I do my sport.


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I know SW recommend 1-2lb as a healthy weekly weightloss, I'm lucky if I lose that in a month despite sticking to plan 100%, I'm always curious to know what foods work better for people. I've never found any particular challenge (inc scan bran challenge) has any effect for me.

This is my third time around with SW (since April 2009) but this is only the second time I've made soup, it's interesting to see how many people have it regularly. I never thought it was filling enough but the batch I made Friday had filled me up & it's delicious!


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I have been making superfree soup for past 2 weeks and have a bowl every lunch-time with exception of Sunday. Each day I add something new to the base soupl like peas, sweetcorn, broad beans or some other bean so it is not boreing. It is too early to say what effect can be seen in weight loss. I will let you know Thursday after WI.


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I have soup or stew type stuff most nights and its generally stuffed with speedy/superspeedy, loads of veg & lentils/beans. In fact I avoid eating too much stuff that *isnt* speedy tbh. Ive lost over 7 stone so its working for me. :)