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Spending Syns

I am really loving this plan I am doing the Extra Easy although I may try the green this week as meat is starting to become icky to me. The only problem I have at the moment is 'spending syns', I know it says to eat between 5 - 15 a day but some days I don't need any. I have been spending them on haribo (weakness of mine) and crisps but doing so just to use them up which doesn't feel too healthy to me. At the weekend I bought stirfry sauce just so I have something less snacky for syns. Now I have no issue using them on alchol on a night out :p. Basically what should I do if I don't want to use some syns on a day I am not going out and I am cooking food from scratch? (reason I joined a sliming club was because I was using ready meals as an easy way to count cals).
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Hi mate

The syns can be as flexible as you want. I personally 'allow' myself 105 per week and keep a track each day of how many I have left.

Last week there were a couple of days where I had none or just 1 or 2, but then on weekends I used a lot on alcohol. Although Friday and Saturday were well over the 5-15 per day, I did not have to feel bad because I had saved them from when I didn't need them.

About half of mine go on alcohol I'm afraid. About a quarter on synned food (mayo, extra cheese, etc) the rest go on choclate treats



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I know what you mean, I have some days like that, not often mind you...lol
The thing is in the beginning if your body isn't getting any fat, it will hold on to the fat and go into starvation mode. So it's best to have a little fat so your body will release it's stores...if that makes any sense.
I tend to eat something for the sake of eating it to use up my syns. This week I am already struggling for syns as I had a really bad weekend (all booze shame on me!) I normally have 10 a day but used over 30 on my first day of the week!
Cheers guys I like the idea of counting them per week better than per day (for those days when you just need a few more:p.)


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now my SW leader told us that we could only use the syns on the correct days, so i couldnt save syns for an event. so confused.


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now my SW leader told us that we could only use the syns on the correct days, so i couldnt save syns for an event. so confused.
I was also told this, she told me that sw wasn't designed in this way and that if i wanted to use a flexi day that was ok :confused: but i think if you start with a weekly amount ,personally i think that is better as that means you are not having your weekly amount AND a flexi day.


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A flexi day is when you decide to go over your syns for a special occasion. You're meant to decide how many syns you're going to have, say 40, and don't go over that. Personally, I prefer to count mine weekly and save some for Friday nights, as when you eat out it's impossible to accurately gauge the correct amount of syns you're having as it depends on the restaurant. Some consultants say use 5-15 daily and take flexisyn days, others tell you to have 105 a week and use them as you like (don't ever carry over though), which I think is much more user friendly!


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I do a syn countdown which works fine for me ~ I've been lowering the amount of syns each week too, I used to have 105 but last week I started off with 91. I know this might not work for everyone but it does for me ~ tbh I would find it difficult if I didn't do this as I love my eating out/takeaways, wine and g&t's at the weekend!! xx

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