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Splitting 600cal meal for 2 300cal meals?


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Summergirl honey

I think you are getting slightly over obsessed with the details which can't be good for you or your weightloss.

Just do what you need to do to make it work for you in a way that allows you to relax about food, diets etc. If you want to have slightly larger snacks go ahead, if you want to have smaller dinner and add to a shake with a bit of lunch do that, or make the shakes with full fat milk to get more calories that way...as long as in general you are having the calorie amount for the day.

But just try to relax and enjoy your day and your new body .. you are doing great.. stop sweating about the details honey.

Now go enjoy your weekend :hug99:


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
LOL sowwy :)
I just wana get it 'right'!

I have had a 300cal 'lunch' when i got home from work earlier and will have a 300cal dinner later on.

Yer right, aslong as im not going over the cal limit i should be ok! :)
i had no snacks, a smoothie a shake and chips last nite!!

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