Splitting shakes....?


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Hi Taylor

I'm on CD but have previously done Lipotrim. I split my packs throughout the day. I tend to get about 3 drinks from 1 sachet. Obviously don't put too much water in otherwise it will be watery. xx

By the way, having done both, CD and Lipotrim, CD is a million times more palatable than Lipotrim. They have a a wider and tastier range of shakes and soups and the most delicious bars and It's the same price as Lipotrim !!


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Hi TAylor

I split my shakes...but like you say use half the powder.

I have one throughout the day; I try to hold off as long as possible, then have half a shake later on in the day.

when I come home I have half a soup, which just seems to tide me over, then I always have my full choc shake around 8-9pm!

I didnt do that last time, but seem to need it this time.


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i asked my pharmacist about spliting the shakes he said i could but advised against it as it could lesson wieght loss gave me a load of tech reson why but cant remember said it was on the lt video on website.


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I went through a phase of feeling dizzy on TFR and splitting the shakes stopped it! Yes you could do the same with the soup too. (although I don't know how you stomach the soup?????)


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oooh, I've split all of mine all week for the first time - roll on WI on monday ! see if its made any difference. Although a pound won't matter - it helps me survive the day. x